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Oriland Authors, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, do origami workshops and classes. Check out some of the themes of Oriland Workshops.

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"Bookbinding with folds alone"

Just imagine making a 16-page perfect little book with a decorative cover using no sewing, no gluing, no special instruments, just your hands and a set of fine Japanese papers! What is the secret? The Art of Origami and the superb design skills of Oriland artists, Yuri and Katrin!

Experienced and excellent teachers, they will lead you step-by-step through the process of folding this brilliant model with an adjustable cover and a matching sleeve to hold the book.

Thanks to the Shumakov's helpful hand-outs which will include a template so that you can print text on paper before you fold it, at home you'll be able to print your poetry, short short story or birthday/seasonal greetings first, then fold them into a perfect gift, or a decoration for your tree. Who knows, it may be so addictive you'll want to make a whole miniature library of your memoirs! Suitable for all levels. Some experience in origami will be helpful, but not essential

"Oribana: Ikebana Origami"

Referred to as superstars of the paper-folding world Yuri & Katrin Shumakov are known for their magical paper kingdoms called Oriland. Amongst their many original designs they have combined the arts of Ikebana and Origami and created paper flower arrangements in paper vases which they call ORIBANA.

In this workshop they will present their original Oribana design “Enticing” and teach every detail of it – flowers, stalks, leaves and a traditional-looking container – uniting them into an entire composition. At the end of this workshop everyone will have in their possession a delightful arrangement, made with their own hands! Some experience in origami will be helpful, but not essential.


"Delightful Flower Spheres"

Everybody loves summer time! But why not keep summer delights blooming all year, by folding delightful floral spheres from paper and using them to decorate your shower, wedding reception, or birthday party? Or hang the charming Flower Spheres you will learn to make today in a special place where you live or work? Or adapt the colour and scale to make holiday trimmings – early this year.

In this workshop you will learn the original designs of floral paper balls known as Kusudama: marvelous Roses Ball, Himalayan Blue Poppies Sphere and airy Jasmine Ball. These kusudama designs can make a terrific gift for your friends too. Creative, original and beautiful! No origami experience necessary; suitable for all levels, age 8 and up.

"Origami Office"

Tired of those plastic duotang folders from Staples? Want to trade in your boring old business or credit card holder for one that rocks? Looking for a stand-out paper clip to send out with your next mailing or invitation?

In this workshop the scintillating origami duo of Yuri and Katrin Shumakov will lead you step-by-step on an amazing journey to create all of these practical items with no paste or glue and no scissors. These original designs are a drop in the bucket of their unique creativity which has brought them fame around the world for the origami kingdoms which they have designed and folded.
From the comments on the Fall 2006 Shumakov workshops at the Japanese Paper Place: “The time flew and I can’t wait to try more at home”. “Fantastic! Helpful, friendly, patient, enjoyable” “Very interesting, lovely instructors. A unique way to spend an afternoon.”


"Oribana: Paper Flower Arrangement"

Flowers are a delightful part of our world; they inspire poets and artists with their natural beauty and charm. It’s a pleasure to depict flowers in paper. By combining the fascination of two remarkable arts - Origami and Ikebana, origami-artists, Katrin and Yuri Shumakov create their paper flower arrangements in paper vases and call it “ORIBANA". Today they will present one of their own Oribana-arrangements, teaching every detail - flowers, stalks, leaves, a vase and then uniting them into the entire composition. So, at the end of this workshop, everyone will have in their possession a wonderful Oribana arrangement, made by their own hands with a selection of Japanese papers. Some experience is origami will be helpful, but not essential.

"Origami Bijoux: Fold & Wear !"

Did you ever dream you could make and wear your own jewelry just by folding paper? Well, you can, with origami artists, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov who will teach you how to fold fancy origami bijoux from a selection of Japanese papers with lots of bling! Original bracelets, ear-clips, necklaces and rings - all fashionable origami designs that you can wear and show off! Suitable for those 8 to 88, who have patience and flexible fingers.


"Christmas Treats for Christmas Trees"

Add the charm of origami to your Christmas Tree with wondrous Japanese paper decorations, all original designs by the Shumakovs - Christmas bells, stars, ornaments, chainlet-garlands, kusudama, and mittens. Origami-artists, Katrin and Yuri Shumakov, will teach you how to make origami magic in creating these Christmas Treats for Christmas Trees! Suitable for all levels, age 8 and up.

"Origami Porte-Monnaie"

If you need a cool original way to organize your papers and little flat things, whether you are planning to travel, create an orderly drawer or just thinking of ‘back to school’ needs, try this practical origami organizer with artists Katrin and Yuri Shumakov.

In this workshop they will teach you step-by-step how to create a paper wallet of their original design, and its variations. This origami porte-monnaie can be very useful to keep flat things in its 3 expandable pockets; for instance, to store a passport and checkbook, paper money, tickets, credit-card slips, luggage-tags and so on.

This design looks complex, but it has a good algorithm of folding, so with detailed explanations by these highly experienced designers/teachers, everyone even a beginner will be successful.

And at the end of this workshop, the participants will have in their possession an attractive origami porte-monnaie, made by their own hands with a selection of hardy Japanese papers.
Suitable for all levels. Some experience in origami will be helpful, but not essential.

Workshop descriptions writer - Nancy Jacobi (The Japanese Paper Place)

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