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Oriland Authors were invited to be special guests on The 5th International South-East Origami Festival 2002

Workshop, Invited Talk and Demonstration

The 5th International South-East Origami Festival, Charlotte, NC, USA, September 24-30, 2002


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Oriland Authors, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, with their Oriland Kingdom were invited as special guests on the 5th Southeast Origami Festival, Charlotte, NC, in September, 2002. The festival has been held every two years since 1994 through the enthusiasm and energy of Jonathan Baxter, the artistic director.


At once Charlotte impressed us with its enormous quantity of trees, flowers and grass. From an aircraft's window it looks like forest with a glade of the Center-City. It's a very green, clean and nice city.
We came to Charlotte in early September and started to install the Oriland exhibition. Numerous boxes were unpacked and we prepared by sorting all castles, houses, plants and Oriland dwellers for display. Luckily, the Studio, where we worked, was in the same building where the Oriland exhibition was planned.
In several days, Oriland Kingdom with six castles as well as the Oribana arrangements were installed in a big hall. On the first day we had a few TV cameramen taking shots of Oriland and even gave a short interview to the Charlotte News Channel.
photo-review of this echibition
The festival started with time for school activity, and a group of international, national and local artists worked in Charlotte's schools to teach origami to children and show them festival exhibits which were located in the Center-City. For us, it was a pleasure to see delighted faces of children during visits to the Oriland exhibition.


Photos by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov
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