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Oriland Authors won the prestigious Silver Award in the 'Arts and Literatrure' category in the ThinkQuest Competition 1999

The ThinkQuest Awards Event and
ThinkQuest Educational Conference took place at Universal City, Los Angeles, California

At beginning of 1999, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov organized and headed a team for participation at the International ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Competition of educational web resources. Oriland team and other 15,000 participants of the ThinkQuest Competition 1999 competed for prestigeous prizes puting together their creativity and technology skills.

The project was named as "Travel to Oriland" and was completely based on origami works by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov and their idea of interactive paper world, plungining in which will take visitors into learning adventure, where they will study the beautful art of origami, be involved into it and challenged their creativity. Oriland team was named a finalist in the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge, amongst 26 finalist teams, and was invited to the 4th Annual ThinkQuest Awards Event and the Educational ThinkQuest Conference "A World in Transition: Kids, Techology and Learning" in Los Angeles.

Think Quest

ThinkQuest Awards Event and Conference took place at the Universal City Hilton & Towers, just a step from the Universal Studios Hollywood.

ThinkQuest finalists from around the world gathered in California where they enjoyed a weekend of judging, technology, and fun.

Think Quest

The main scene of the final of ThinkQuest contest was placed at one of Hilton's ballrooms. It was named as the Generator. ThinkQuest provided the Generator with about fifty computers connected to the Internet.

Think Quest

The teams of finalists worked on computers and demonstrated their sites to students, guests and participants of the ThinkQuest Educational Conference. on picture: from left to right - Allan Weis, creator and founder of ThinkQuest; John Gage, co-founder of Sun Microsystems; and students of Oriland team.

After judging stage, we arranged Oriland spot in the Generator with origami models. At once, there were folks, who wanted to try their hands in origami. The kids were excited to learn the paper art from Oriland.

Oriland Authors spent many hours, teaching origami to students and educators! Despite of different languages and skills of them, this cheerful paper art translates well across culture!

Click to go to 'Travel to Oriland' site.

The event culminated with the awards ceremony on Monday, November 22, where leaders in the fields of education, science, technology, and government, along with several notable education luminaries from around the world, announced the winners in each of the five ThinkQuest categories - Arts & Literature, Science & Mathematics, Social Sciences, Sports & Health and Interdisciplinary.

Click to go to 'Travel to Oriland' site.

Silver Award Winner in Arts & Literature

The 'Travel to Oriland' site became the Silver Award Winner at the "Art and Literature" category. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Adding to the excitement, the ceremony featured many celebrities, so it was great to receve the award for our "Travel to Oriland" from LeVar Burton of Star Trek fame! And interact with the famous Science Guy - Bill Nye, who was a Master of Ceremony.

After the Awards Ceremony, ThinkQuest arranged the special activity for all the finalists. We had a big tour on the Universal Studios Hollywood. What a stunning amusement! Doc Brown's time machine on "Back To The Future", King-Kong, Earthquake's epicenter and much much more. We had a special dinner, entertainment and a nice concert at Universal Studios Globe Theatre. There we had good dancing and made friends with Marilyn ;) it's funny, she also loves origami. There are Yuri, Marilyn (Dana), and Katrin on one of the photos. ThinkQuest also arranged the Hollywood Tour for all the finalists. We walked along the famous Hollywood's streets, filled up with the Stars and had much fun there. All in all our Los Angeles's trip came to end with terrific result for Oriland and origami! As an origami expert, Rachel Katz said in the article about Oriland in The Paper: "The exposure for origami in sheer numbers is amazing and the quality of their work in equally awe-inspiring !"


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