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Here you can learn origami, the beautiful art of paper folding; get to know the benefits that origami brings, read lectures about origami and receive practical skills in origami.


Origami Benefits

Know more about how origami helps to develop intellectual and creative abilities, motor abilities of both hands and activate left and right brain.

Origami Lectures

Different themes on origami: through an evolutionary way of development of the diagrams, to how origami influences the whole brain.

Practical Lessons

Take ten practical origami lessons: fold models from simple to complex and receive the initial practical skills in paperfolding.

Base Folds

There are some fold forms, which are the basis for folding many models. It is very useful to know how to make these patterns.

Origami Symbols

Know the most basic points about origami - its symbols because they will help you to read diagrams for folding from almost any origami source.

Animated Symbols

Get to know the most basic origami points using our animations.

Useful Tips

Just some basic tips for the novice-folders. These advices could be very helpful to fold your origami model neatly and beautifully.

Paper Preparation

How to choose paper for your origami-project and how to make a square from a rectangular sheet of paper in two ways.


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