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Get closer to Oriland. Come along on a fun-filled Oriland adventure where Castles, Magic, Goblins, Elves and all Oriland dwellers surround you. Write your impressions about Oriland, sing along, subscribe on Oriland e-News, get in touch over social channels - we post each day on Facebook! Make your leisure Oriland friendly!

Write your impressions about Oriland

Oriland Impressions

Write your impressions about Oriland and read impressions of other travellers who came to Oriland from all over the world.

Listen to 'Merry Origami'!

Oriland Music

Oriland Authors have another passion besides origami - it's music! Get to know more and listen to 'Merry Origami' - the origami song from Oriland!

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Oriland Calendars 2016

An originally designed Calendar Box - useful and decorative! Just print and fold your Oriland Calendar! Plenty of designs to choose from!

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Whether you fold origami designs from Oriland or visited Oriland exhibitions, or was inspired by Oriland somehow, we are welcoming you to join ORILAND group on Flickr to share your Oriland related photos there, to join the discussions and meet new friends who also like Oriland. If you are not the one of those who participate in online photo-sharing community at Flickr, but would like to participate in Oriland group, just open a free Flickr account - it's easy.


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