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I've enjoyed Oriland & the books & free diagrams for years. I'm guessing I'm not the first to ask for diagrams for Papertown. I'd especially love to fold those buildings with their wonderful details!
United States

I love origami and even more I love Oriland. When I first found this site I was like: Woah! because it was just so creative! I only wish you could do an exhibition of all your creations in the UK.
United Kingdom

I'm Graphic designer. I begin with origami at 16 years old today y have 22 years old. and i don't see any origami like oriland is fantastic and easy to understand. Origami helps me develop my creativity.
Artz, Puerto Rico

I love it! It's amazing!
Victoria Li, Myanmar

Oriland is great and impress me! Awesome! I get inspired! Thanks!
Girasol, Malasia

I'm a pre-service teacher and I was scouring the web one day for more origami designs.  For the past month I had been working out of 3 origami books I found lying around.  After so much practice out of the books I became tired of the limited designs.  I was disappointed as I had not been able to find anything much better on the web... until I found your website!  I was totally blown away.  It was EXACTLY the type of thing I had been looking for!  I am truly amazed and am going to buy some products immediately!  Oh.. but the castles!  I MUST absolutley and positively make those beautiful castles and houses!  I want to create a whole village!  Please, if you are not working on getting the architecture on CD, please start!!!!  I just can't get over how cool your origami is!
United States

j'adore votre façon de montrer les pliages... je vais essayer de faire de l' oribama... je regrette que vous n'éditiez pas de LIVRE sur cette technique
Nel, France, Metropolitan

São obras fantásticas, um verdadeiro colírio para os olhos. Parabéns!
Valdinete, Brazil

I like very much it's like dreamworld  i am dancing in the casle i like  it very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Chandana.S.Gudigar, India

i love oriland its so much fun :)
Kaylie Nuqui, Philippines

I am very much impressed with the objects in oriland kingdom. Thank you.

I am so impressed by your easy to follow instructions! I will look at purchasing one of your books shortly. Some of the best instructions I have seen. My daughter is 7 and together we found it easy to follow along. Thank you.

It's very nice website. Thanks to you !

I've just recently taken up Origami (thanks to Prison Break!) and stumbled across Oriland thanks to Google.  Very nicely set out, easy to follow with some great simple exercises to start off.
I'm now able to get my two daughters folding as well.  Excellent site. Thanks
United Kingdom

I love oriland, do love it
when will the oriland kingdoms (Oriville, sun city, paper town.....) is coming out , i want to make it by myself !

Dear sir, i'm very happy to  discover this web page about origami i admired this art
thanks alot. see you!

What a fun!

I love the folding instructions, they are very easy to follow and the results are very nice.
I`ll come back on your site!
Andreea, Romania

Jani, Hong Kong

I just love this site very much.I am a great origami fan and love the kingdoms very much.I am definately going to get the new CD of music!! :)
Kimaya, India

Hello! I am very fond of this site, I like your technology folding, I have three disks Oribana Trio. I can hold off on oribana of these disks. Get great pleasure of beautiful models and interesting schemes. thank you!
Masha, Israel

Oriland is soo good..
and the models is so great and beautiful...
maybe i'll buy one of the CD!
Jonathan, Indonesia

Suprise and workhard.
Pory, Cambodia

firlina, Indonesia

I love it.
Mariah Bisarek, United States

I just love Origami and Oriland. This web site is like so great. These people must be really good in origami. Keep up the good work Oriland!...
Ritika, India

This is such a wonderful site. I loved trying the free patterns - I made the candy box to put Easter candy in. Trying the patterns like this definitely makes me want to buy a cd!
Lana, Canada

I am very pleased with this website; I have found in it a valuable source of information and knowledge. It is lucky that such sites with free information exist otherwise my origami hobby would cease to be nurtured for want of a financial freedom.
Valerie, United States

So amazing! Very beautiful
Ying, Ming, China

Please, I want to make more origami. Make more Cd's quickly. I want a cd of papertown. I need more origami. I want a cd on everything I can get. Your origami is so cool! Hey, I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want some more of the kingdom cds.
Clarice, France

Encontrar Oriland foi realmente uma descoberta...
Tenho buscado pelo ORIGAMI, como o náufrago que busca a terra firme...finalmente fui dar à praia...Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!!!
Marga, Brazil

Amazing!!! Subarasii... watasi mo yatte mitai desu. Yarikata ga areba ii to omoimasu.
Nia, Indonesia

Amazing I can't believe all the tings you can do with paper other then write on it, it's great thanks : )
Melissa, Australia

to jest bardzo fajna stronka!!!
Marta, Poland

Your ORIGAMI  are really Good...  Being in India, one cannot afford so much cost for using this type ot entertainment for kids...
Keep it up....   Thanks for the Demo....
Vijay, India

Choi & Gyu, Republic of Korea

Fabricio, Mexico

Olá adorei este site !!!
Muito bom !!! Parabéns !!!
Lu, Brazil

hello, firtst i have found this site but i lose it and now i found it again i was happy that i found it again. I like this site very much because it is fun en now i now how to make som thing. I have a question for everyone. how do you make a cat, dog, bunny or mouse these are my favorite pets we have 3 cats, one dog 2 bunny's en 2 mouse's now i go this is much bye and i am happy if you now how to make one of my pets.
Femke, Netherlands

Viva Oriland!!!  I loved it!!   The Diagrams couldn't be any better!!!!
Dru, United States

A mi también me gusta mucho, pero no tanto como a Yolanda, un saludo!
Bertomeu, Spain

I like it so much. It's wondeful.
Yumi, Vietnam

hmm its realy very  good. i m so happy to see this work. and i want to bi creat new more things
Maan Umair, Pakistan

What a wonderful place to be!
Mamamardee, United States

I think it is really fun.
Jackie, United States

Isabel An & Helen Cai, Canada

Прекрасный сайт! Удивительные возможности бумаги! Спасибо авторам за
увлекательное занятие - ВОЛШЕБНЫЙ МИР ОРИГАМИ!
Julia, Russian Federation

Estudioso. Bonito. Culto. Legal
Guilherme, Brazil

Parabens, voces são espetaculares nunca tinha visto nada igual, maravilhoso, que riqueza de detalhes!!!
Marcia, Brazil

Congratulations ! This site is amazing, will add to my favorites in order to visit many times in the future !
Yone, Brazil

nice I would like to learn origami art
Alaa, Saudi Arabia

thx a lot!
Gig, Thailand

like it!
Javine, China

you have thought us very creative things. excellent!
Monisha Chinthala, India

wonderful but  some samples are difficult i can`t apply it easily  can you show more easier samples thanks for this wonderful site
Howida, Egypt

wow....it's really fantastic.....now days im learing origami..while searching i got this site ..ilove this site...
Nagajyothi, India



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