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I received a Origami calendar for Christmas but having flunked folding in Kindergarten I had trouble with following its directions and turned to Oriland.  Their step by step simple directions including pictures has made it possible for me to actually make paper creations.  Thanks.
Louisenae, United States

I only found Oriland a couple of days ago so that I could find ideas about what presents I can make for my family for Christmas. When I looked through the Treasury, I was so amazed at how someone could make a thing like that! I mean everything was so beautifully and well made almost as though it were made from something more delicate than paper! This site is absolutely incredible and it must have been tough work trying to make all these models! Oh and I was so inspired by these models and my results were beautiful!
Caitlyn, Australia

I enjoy Oriland because of its diversity. I learned origami 2 yrs ago and now that I'm 11 I like to look here at the beautiful designs and diagrams.
Katie, United States

Cool website. My favorite is the fairy tale flower pot!! So pretty!!!
Ash, United States

The feelings when I visit Oriland can not be expressed in words. Iwould like to have the detail foldings of other figures also.
Thank you.
Maya, India

Liked the look of the site and also the tutorials are also very nicely written.
Jaydev, India

Very very beautiful Oriland. Very good Oriland. Hello.
Ali, Turkey

Dear oriland, your origami is SOOO GOOOD!
i learend alot about origami!THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily, Cape Verde

I came across your website months ago when I was looking for Origami flower materials.  I was so taken aback by the vibrant and whimsical creations, they were absolutly charming! The Oribana that you have made are wonderful, This is the first time that I have seen it done so elegantly. The detail and imagination that is put into your models are greatly shown through your website, which was one of the selling points for me to purchase the Oribana Charm CD.  I also found it wonderful that you covered with great screen shots, what the CD layout and look was going to be, I felt very confident in making a purchase. And lastly I recieved yesterday to my suprise the CD, in just 8 days after I placed the order. The CD runs great and there are many real photos showing what the final outcome of a model looks like.  This is much better for me to compare what I have done when working with a new diagram for the first time, instead of comparing it to a drawn rendering. My overall experience from my very first encounter with the website till recieving my CD has been a very pleasant experience and I definatly look forward to doing business with you again. :)
Na'Cole, United States

They are so beautiful!
I like it very much!
Seesa, China

Hi I'm Nweninaywin.
I'm interested in your web site.
Nweninaywin, Myanmar

I am glad to join de Oriland!! thank u!
Waterblue, China

I'm really impressed with your work. That is fantastic!
Zlata, United States

Wow u are excellent could you like give me a few tips or techniques that could help me. Some personal tips from both of you.
Joshua, United States

This is the best origami site ever! I've looked everywhere else but this is the best one yet!
Rachel, United States

I love your models, and both of you have wonderful artistic ablitlities. Both of you create stuff i never knew you could make out of paper. Keep up the good work, oh and thank you for the diagrams you have, I really appreciate it.
Joshua, United States

Wow, I don't know where to start with! this site is the best thing that I've found on the web so far... I'm bored in my office, and have nothing to do. one day I got interested in Origami and I looked for a useful site, but all i found was complicated sites that didn't really help. and then I found Oriland!!! my god! it's so much fun! I hope that you'll modify and put some more diagrams...
Thank you so much!
Agi, Israel

Dear authors of origami can I have some DvDs plese so when I grow up I want to be a origami artist.
AndyDo, United States

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shumakov,
My name is Erika and I am a Japanese.
I found your Oriland when I was looking the home page of Nihon Origami Association.
I love your world! I called my sister Tomoe and we both fall in love to Oriland! Collor, building. elves. and goblins---How wonderful world of origami it is! Thank you for wonderful time.
Love, Erika.
Erika, Japan

Wow, I love Oriland so much! All its origami are really pretty!
Ira, Indonesia

Nothing like when I saw this web site
I tell all my friends about it.
Linda, Australia

Спасибо за прекрасно проведенный с Вашим сайтом вечер. А есть ли зеркало на русском?
Василий Зеленов, Belarus

very very very impressive images
very very very hard to understand them
very very very annoying pop up
a very very very nice website
good job
Wized, Australia

Потрясающий сайт!!! Вы открываете какие-то безграничные возможности в этой области. Мои дети в полном восторге, но очень хочется аналог на русском языке. Есть ли у Вас диски или книги на русском языке, если да, как их можно приобрести? Заранее благодарны. Спасибо,что Вы есть.
Маша Винцкевич и мальчики Савва и Леня
Mariya, Russian Federation

Looking for origamis for my students I find this beautiful site. Beautiful work!
Limarie, Puerto Rico

I love Oriland I think that it is incredible the way that you get to learn about origami and how you can make your own origami. I have shown many of my friends this site and they also say that it is very good. Thank you for giving me more to create I am very greatful.
Georgina, United Kingdom

You guys have got real genius... and magic in your hands too... and beauty at your fingertips... a big applause... keep the good work up...
Shadia, Mauritius

Simone Andrade, Brazil

I love Oriland for its initiative and colorful personality that highlights my origami-self. Thanks Oriland Authors!
Bug, Ireland

Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful!
Sara Silva, Portugal

I like!!!...FANTASTIC!!!..Thank you!!!
Elena, Romania

Malu, Colombia

I like to make beautiful shape.
Chen, Taiwan

Thank you.
Vuong Hung, Vietnam

How to buy cd? Help me please.
Nathya, Vietnam

I like Oriland, but can you make other free origami diagrams, please?
Jonathan, Indonesia

I love Oriland! Congratulacion!!! :)
Flaviaweckmuller, Brazil

Your origami is amazing.  I was in awe when I first came upon Oriland.  It never fails to amaze me (:

I like origami so much. Oriland is a great web about origami, I think so.
Ngan, Vietnam



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