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One of the best origami sites on the internet.
Excellent diagrams - easy to follow.
Lots of inspiration for teaching an origami course to adults with mental health problems.
Jacki Tebbutt, United Kingdom

I have never seen such complex and beautiful origami in my life. I want to be an origami professional when I grow up just like the people who made these origami models.
Ying Wang, China

This Oriland is AWESOME!!! I mean it. You just need to  put more in Oriland Studio, from Oriland Treasure. Everything else is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anastasia Kalinina, Cyprus

It is very beautiful!!!
Kinga Murawska, Poland

I must say that your creations are both magical and awe-inspiring. I could not stop smiling the whole time I was on your site.
Jason Henry, United States

Who knew?  What an amazing world you have created here!  I am passing this site on to everyone I know.  Thank you for sharing your lovely gifts...
Pamela Brackett, United States

Hi ! Ever seen site that compeled me to fold the paper of my mind, Bye to all, May Allah Bless you !
Adeel Siddiqui, Pakistan

A wonderful site you have! I can sit and explore every place to be in this magical paper land. I my self love origami I have learned many things by memory but I must say out of the 22 books and calendars I have read, I have only memorized a little bit. I want to learn more, better, and I want to make more complicated origami. I am from Russia.
Jane Glonty, United States

It's very interesting site in web for all the people (young & old) around world who like paper folding.
Agnieszka, Poland

Oros Dorina, Romania

Tanya Marzipane, Russian Federation

Myky, Romania

Thank you.
Hyowon, Republic of Korea

This is a good site! I like paper folding. Please put in more designs in your studio, so we can learn more. Thank you.
Hartini Taslim, Indonesia

I like here very much.
Juan, China

It's amazing! All these things are so beautiful!!!
Juste Vaisnoraite, Lithuania

One of the best origami sites I have seen on the Internet.It just needs some more in the Origami Studio.
Stephen Ackley, United States

Linda Petersen,
United States

Wow! What a cool place!
Riva Urias, United States

I love Oriland!!!!!! Before I found this wonderful website I loved Origami, and Oriland made Origami funer then Before. I have a sister named Ori and when I found this website I called her and told her she has a website named after her, she laughed, she doesn't like Origami as much that I do.
Cool Site.
Risa Nosain, United States

Andres Valverde, United States

Wow! i'm very impressed with Oriland. I can't believe that origami can do anything like what Oriland show.... Awesome!!! I very like this site...
Halimah Ali, Malaysia

I like making origami and because of it I always search and visit a lot of sites and pages on Internet.
I think OriLand is one of the best origami sites on the web. It is so organized and the design is perfect! The diagrams and the explanation step-by-step are very very good and clear!
Thanks about everything!
Débora Harumi, Brazil

hay i love your site its the best. but you need to put instructions how to make other things to. well good bye
Chakriya Uy, Australia

Oriland is so organized and it makes origami very fun!
Saeema Saifudd., Canada

I like this site very much.... every model made of paper is explained so nicely in organised steps..... keep it up.
Ravians Shas, India

I think Oriland is very enthusiastic and a very sofisticated website. I go on it every day.
 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<I love orgami>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Lauren Shep., United States

Watashi wa origami dai suki de kono oriland wa totemo ii aidea, yokatta to omoimasu.
Its very beautiful.

Neyde Kanasiro, Peru

I like your origami. My friend demetri would love this.
Alex Baranello, United States

I love this site. Though i wish you would put your clown diagram in the studio.
Nick Howard, United States

This is fantastic!
Alex Baranello, United States

I don't really like origami. good site thought. Very cool!
Alex Baranello, United States

It is the best site I've ever seen!!!
I enjoy origami so I love your site!  =D

Lilia, Poland

You have a FANTASTIC website! It is informative, easy to navigate, and interesting. There is something for everyone.I love your site! Sent it to everyone on my email list.Cheers and all the best wishes
for the website.
Wish you great success.

J.Jothiraja, India

I love Oriland. If it wasn't for Oriland, I wouldn't have known how to make a cube as a dice for my science project. :)
Josie Xie, United States

I was looking for some different activities for my young kids... I think they will love what can be done with paper!
It's a beautiful site.

G. Marcos, Canada

I am in awe of your site.  It is absolutely the best.  I am a fourth grade teacher and I want to do origami from your site all day instead of grading papers.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
Lisa Andrews, United States

Wow!! This site is sooo cool. I love it.it is nice and colourful. I’ll tell the others.
Syifa Hasnul, Malaysia

I looooooooove Oriland!!!!!!...... Every time I come on, I find new things.
Afia, India

Before, I thought I couldn't even become close to making origami. Thank's to you, it's my new hobby!
, United States

I found this website on what works and just think it is awesome!
, United States

I love to make more origami after i look out what is in this blog.
Aretul, Malaysia

Zeinab, Iran

Amei, é lindíssimo!!!
Gostaria de saber como faço para adquirir,pois gosto muito de origami.Sou professora decrianças entre 4 e 11 anos e gosto muito de usar origami em minhas aulas sempre que posso.
Por favor envie resposta,obrigada desde já.
Margareth, Brazil

I love this site.  It's amazing.  But just a little request, is it possible to publish more models?  Like the La Magic, sun city, foldingburg, Goblington, papertown, San-Elf, etc.  I really really want to know how to make them.  But most of them, actually, all of them are not published yet.
P.X., New Zealand

i did like your site and i wish if you can make more and thank you.
Nada, Bahrain

Ilike origami flower i only see flower from oribana charm without diagram imake make many flower without diagram.
Faheem, Pakistan

Só queria parabenizar vocês pelos trabalhos maravilhosos. Tenho feito alguns origamis para enfeitar meu casamento que será no final do ano e apesar de não saber nem 0,00001% comparado a vocês tem ficado bonitinho.
ESpero um dia poder conseguir fazer ao menos 10% do que tem aqui no site.
Desejo tudo de bom aos criadores.
Yurika Nozaki, Brazil

Wonderful site but please post some more easy model folding options. I'd like to try out more designs for my son... ordering the cd is something I really can't afford :-( arent they available in India?
Devina Singh, India

Hip Hip Hurray! This is the best site about Origami that I have ever visited. Please keep on adding more models. I really enjoy making them.
Jisha, India

I like this web, but I would like more diagrams how to fold some models... :P :D.
Leva, Lithuania

I think that origami is beautifull, Oriland is the best for orimakers. Thanks.
Pato, Ecuador

Nathya, Vietnam

I´ve thought that is the most beautiful website about origamis and parties. I´ve never seen something like this website. Its so wonderful, because I desire to work with origamis for parties onde day.
Thanks a lot,
Irene, Brazil

Eu simplesmente adorei muito esse site!
É de uma categoria muito agradavel.
Parabens aos criadores!!;)
Ezequiel, Brazil


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