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Yiria, Puerto Rico

Oriland rocks I learned to make a bunch of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Heninger, United States

I love this page, I like visit it all the days, but I just wish for you to put the origami crafts that appear in the front page one day so I could make so pleasee put them!!!! Whoever invented this page is awesome!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
Yiria, Puerto Rico

I love Origami and when i found this site i immediately started folding.
Bethan Williams, United Kingdom

I love origami you know what you guys you ROCK!
Miranda Perez, United States

This website is incredible! I recently started origami and I'm doing little basic things. But then I found this site and I see that you can do anything with it! These models are so cool!
Renee Rogers, United States

I love origami, and this site has really made folding papaer a wonder and joy.
Anna Greenwood, United States

Great site to learn orgami!
Keep up the good work!
Liz, India

Oriland is awsome... i love every bit of it... I'm getting really2 interested in origami after browsing through this incredible website... Keep up the very good work... :D
Priscilla Tjokro, Indonesia

I love this website, it's rekindled my love of Origami and has helped me make things I failed at before.
Stewart Wright, United Kingdom

I would like to visit Oriland and never come back to real world. I want to be a orilander!!!
Congratulations for your work!!!!
Halle, Spain

oriland rocks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Vick, United States

I like Oriland so much. I just stated today and I think it's so much fun and creative for kids and adults. Thanks for making this website.
Mohit Agarwal, United States

I am so gratefull to Oriland as I am planning a Bento Box (Japanese Lunchbox) Design project and I wanted to get the kids at school to make Origami boxes to decorate, fabulous! Thanx.
Miss H Robbens, United Kingdom

Thank you for have a page very interesent, for their figures and on all that if I seed me of flowers as roses, carnation.
John, Mexico

Loved this site!!!
Shae Davis, United States

Please suggest some of your good activities for indian festivals.JHAKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meghna Verma, India

I came to know about this site a few days back. It is a wonderful site. It has developed my interest in origami.
Priyanka Sharma, India

It's a wonderful site. I would like you to add some activities for preschoolers.
Shivani Sharma and Bhawna Singh, India

I speak no englisch. I love Origami. Your site is cool Marveillous Beautiful.
Servane X, France

I have been looking for a nice place to make origami, and I found it! After see a lot of places of origami in the web, Oriland it's just the best! Keep the good work Oriland Creators Yuri and Katrin!
Jose Jesus, Mexico

I love it very much! Thanxs for Oriland.
I can make more origami with simple way.
See Ya. Good Luck
Lie, Indonesia

I think if you are new you should be here.
Amanda Rowe, United States

Wonderful, beautiful, awesome--one suggestion: condense the directions just a little. Your directions seemed simple (which I definately need), but I havnt had the time to print several pages for each project. You guys are great. Keep up the wonderful work. I so appreciate that you have these free directions online. thanks!!!!!
Tess Dunlap, United States

This page is fantastik for me.
A.J. Zaba, Poland

I realy like these web page, is wonderful. Keep folding your origami pages till you get to the figure you wanted to have.
Jane Kosly, United States

I love this site, it's realy wonderful!
Marcela Pereira, Brazil

Beautiful, wonderful.
Tess Dunlap, United States

ORILAND...!!! I love this page much...
Oriland Rocks!!!

Siska, Indonesia

Very Good!
Li, Christmas Island

Oriland is the best place to find my origami needs. I can do anything they show here, and I'm able to do most of these designs. When I try to do a diagram, and it doesn't come out, I just go make another. Then, when I feel I can make it, I go back to the design I left behind and try again. I just feel as if I could make a fortune making these beautiful designs!!!
Natalia Maliga, United States

This is the best site I've seen yet! I LOVE IT! Precise diagrams and easy to follow. Thank you!
Dana Gratias, Canada

This website is off the chain man!!!
Debone' Fulcher, United States

Really great web-page! I appreciate especially those very clear diagrams and fresh, colorful photos. The idea of a land created just from origami models is a pleasing childhood dream which you bring to life very succesfully - thanks a lot! ;)
Xgoni, Slovakia

It's so great to learn origamis here. My brothers, Calvin and Steve, my sister, Tulip, likes Oriland as much as I do. Now we are great in origami. Thank you so much...
Sky Johannson, United Kingdom

Wow incredible!! I have loved Origami for about a year now and i'm doing it for my bronze duke of edinbourgh and it has helped loads, i could never have done it if it wasn't for oriland!!!! The only sugestion i could make is that there is some fab paper on display but you dont tell us where to buy it! If you could sell it that would be fantastic!!!! Thanks a lot, Alice Luther.
Alice Luther, United Kingdom

this site is good. Very good diagrams with clear descriptions. One suggestion : pls include a search column, so that if anyone is specifically looking for a particular origami, then one need not browse thru the entire site...thanks
Maggie, United States

Very good site. Marvellous and wonderful site. For my two daughters, it is a beloved loved loved site.
Vagicharla Kiranmayi, India

I can't believe it. It's absolutely awesome.
Suryaraj Singh, India

Oriland has lots of origami. I've done origami scince was only 5. The origami in Oriland have such beautiful artwork!! Oriland treasury has so much diagrams that's so cool!!!! I love Oriland it's colourful and beautiful!!
Caitlin Miraflores, Canada

Very good site; cleverly done diagrams, handy explanations... beautiful... and free! Thanks a lot! I especially loooooved the models in the "decorations" section. Marvellous. Keep it up!
Sophie L., France

Very Neatly Hosted, and good Colour Handling is what makes your site good to view, and will certainly generate interest among kids of wide age group including my Dearest Friend who's an infant...
Puneet Sharma, India

I like it I like it I like it I like it I like it........................!!!!!!!!!Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoshi Zento, United States

I liked your origami page. But, i have to say that i am very sorry that there is no more free diagrams available. I saw some beautiful things to fold but there is no free diagram for them. But, beside that oriland really shows that origami isn`t just fancy papre folding. Bureau models show that origami can also be very useful. Instead of buying plastic sheet for your documents you can bond them. Beautiful, inovative, practical and cheap. It costs as a peace of paper. Origami flowers are great. I don?t have to water them, I can make them in various colours and by making them instead of buying flowers I save the nature.
I hope that there will be more free diagrams available. I would like some christmas decoration like angels, 3D stars, little santas etc.
Maja Cvetko, Croatia

I realy like Oriland because you can make your self one of it but there's no one so it's nice if there's more of it.
Deveney Undetiwan, Netherlands

I like it very much.
Rubi Arm, United States

Very nice!!! I never thought that a piece of paper can be transfered into such a beauty handycraft (hopefully i'm not exaggerating) keep on the good work.
Edward Gilgalad, United States

Even when the figures looks very easy, the site is really pretty. I like a lot origami.
Sebastian Arellano, Mexico

Hi, I realy love this site. I love art and craft. I always go on internet to search art and craf. That's how i find your site. And i realy like it very much. Now i am realy crzy about learning origami. It's been 5 days i am trying to learn how to make a tulip and other flower but some how i get stuck on after 9 so can you plzzzzzzz clear. Help me how to fold tulip flower. Every time i think about origami. I wish i could do all this. I am crzy about art.
Afreen Haque, United States

Hi, when will you be publishing the instructions for goblin librarian? I just love it. I like the rest of your site. It's so original and pretty. Well, thanks a lot.
Catherine Fowler, United States

This is one of the best sites that i have come across which features about origami and I should say that as an origami person I feel really happy about visiting your site and trying out the various models that have been put up on your site. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
Vanee, India

Hello! I just wanted to say that you have a wonderfully beautiful site. I love the colors you have incorporated into the origami and am very impressed with your creative talents. Keep up the great work!
Andrea Leonard, United States

The site is very accsesible and much of the models (specially in the kingdoms) are really beautyfull, maybe those models are available for download later, the site is excellent for learn this art and new models source for the experienced (such i am) EXCELLENT SITE!!
Carlos Gutierrez, Mexico

I love your origami. It is fun and challenging.
Nim Stone, United States

I like paper fold and paper model!
Lee Chin Chi, Taiwan

Can you show me how to fold the Dragon!!!
Thuy Nguyen, United States


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