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I think it is so amazing how you people make these models up by yourselves! It must take a very long time!
Rachel Bergeron, United States

I Love your website It is very helpful to me.
Lauren Shepard, United States

I love origami, escpecially practical folds, like your section on Boxes, and Bureau. If I am bored, all I need is a piece of paper to keep me busy ( and maybe instructions )
This is such a cool site because it tells you many things on origami. But of course the best part is making them! I'm glad this has directions for many folds, as most other sites dont!

Rachel Bergeron, United States

I love your site! It's the best one I've found.
Courtney Wright, United States

Really Neat & Nice resource for Paper-folding info. Beautifully constructed an arranged. Congratulations on the site!
Thiago G, Brazil

Wow! What a beautiful website! I stumbled on it from another Craft site, and I am so glad that I did! I love it - the colors, the free e-cards, the patterns to make so many different paper objects! Thank you for creating this wonderfully fun site. I plan on telling a lot of my friends about it!
Karla Cardell, United States

Fiquei maravilhada! Nunca vi nada igual!
Parabens a voces e nao parem de criar!
Carmen Guidini, Brazil

I love origami and this is the best sight,esspeically for learners!
Nina Nesdoly, Canada

Oriland is great. Only I don't like the fact you can't get the instructions for building a castle online. Some people cant afford all of the cd's and want to know how to do this kind of stuff. But other than that I think it is really cool and an terrific website if you want to learn origami.
Sarah Smith, United States

I like Oriland. I can't belive that you can make things out of paper. It is amazing!
Joy Jordan, United States

It's was the best origami I had ever seen. I can make a lot of toy from oriland disk. I really really love origami.
Vinh Quyen Ho, Vietnam

hello i like your site and your handwork how can i have your book of informatoin?
Maral Shakery, Netherlands

Your site is fun!!! :D
Mai, Canada

I love Oriland!!! The buildings are so pretty will you pleas put them in them origami studio!!!
I re***y love them!!!
Mercedes Perdomo, United States

This is one of the best origami sites. Do you have any suggestions on others?
Katie Meece, United States

I like doing the origami on this site.
Samantha Brady, Australia

Is there any way that I could convince you to put the instruction for the convallaria flower. I've looked everywhere for them but no one seems to have them, and no one even seems to have a picture of them besides you. It would be great if you post them. Thanx
Yelena, United States

I love origami!I wanted to buy one of your CD's but the price is to high, might you consider lowering the prices??? (I think also that more people would buy them if the prices were lower.)
Casey Wright, United States

I like playing with papers and the site for me is a real treasure to know more abt this art of foldings...........really amazing.
Anithabai T., India

I love your site. I enjoy making different objects. I've even decorated an entire Christmas Tree with origami. It came out absolutely stunning and receive so many wonderful comments. I enjoy thinking of new and creative ways to include origami in my gifts, as favors at parties and decorations in my home. Thank you for such a wonderful site!
Angela Leonard, United States

I absolutely loved your site! It is completely and totally magical. However, i wish you had some free origami instructions. I am planning to buy the origami Bijou, though. It looks completely amazing! thank you for this site, it is one of my favorites on the subjects.
Ashley, United States

I was looking for a web site to help me since I am just learning. This is the best site I have found, I find myself coming back all the time to see if there is anything new. I always fine something different to do.
Wonderful site Keep it up.
P.S. I would love to make one of the houses If you could tell me how and where to look I would be greatful.
Thank You fro your time Shelly

Michelle Marandola, United States

It's beautiful and very creative paper folding, i like it because i love arts.
Sergia Magtibay, Canada

This website is very fun, it gives me another hobby, I have made over 50 objects from this website. I will be ordering tapes soon!
Brilyn Foxworth, United States

I really like the Origami Studio. I like making origami. I think that there should be more origami projects. Like the ones in the Oriland Treasury. I woulk like to make the ones in the Oriland Treasury with out having to buy the Disk because our town doesn't sell them.
Thank You

Chelsea Sidoruk, Canada

Origami is cool.
Sheridan Babcock, United States

It's the best orgami I ever in the whole wide world!!!!
Rachel Mun, Japan

This is my most favourite origami web site EVER - it's sooo CUTE!!:), though i would love to be able to try some more flowers from the treasury online (PLEASE!)
Chlo, United Kingdom

It's my favourites web site; I visit it almost everyday.
Ivan Li, Hong Kong

It's kind of hard but it's fun as well~~~~~~~~~
Amelia, United States

Ulcozhang, China

Your instructions are very hard to follow when i tried to make my own origami. It was cunfusing and i hated it but on the up side i like your your origamies looked cute.
Taylor Mason, United States

Origami is fun and learns you a plethero of things.
Sheridan Babcock, United States

I love this site. Before I would have trouble finding a good origami place on the internet. I've been doing origami since I was little. I think you brought a new meaning to it with your amazing imagination.
Lauren Masuda, United States

How do you do this?! This is so cool! You are amzing!
Kassandra Delainey, Canada

Your oriland kingdom is so full of imagination. I wish I could make more of your stuff!! Its so cool!
Lilli Kuechle, United States

I have written in before, but I have to say again, Thankyou for the great site. A few months ago I purchased the Oribana Beauty, Origami Land, and Bijou, and love the all. I am very fascinated with oribana, and have made arrangements for friends, and for those in hospital. Thankyou so much for your origami!
Lucinda Law, Australia

Hello!I want to congratulate them for their excellent web dedicated to the art of the origami. This page is for my of great reference because in this web it contains the necessary thing to advance step to step in this millennial technique of the paperfolding.
Adriana Lucia Cabra, Colombia

It's really goooood! It makes me happier, younger and full of joy. Thanks you are here.
Oana Mihai, Romania

I really impressed with the Oriland sight and everybody can enjoy with the variety of projects .Good stuff and thank you so much for sharing your talent and joy of Origami art.
I'm working as children's librarian at New York Public library and I use some origami projects for my children's programs and children like them very much.
Lida Rubinova, United States

This is the best page for origami that i've seen. The best origami are here. I hope in future there will be more pages like this. I hope this page will be much better next year. I visit this page all the time when i have free time.
Slavco Pavlovski, Yugoslavia

This is my useful teaching material. I used to paper work as i'm child, but i don't it these day. fortunately, this site inspirates me, i would do that. my english is not very good. i'm sorry. and thanks.
Mr. Kwon, Republic of Korea

Wow, impressive site! Everything's good on it: design, easiness-to-navigate, structure, planning, style of writing, cleariness, and the most important: you can actually learn from the content! That's why I liked your page so much over other good sites which offer lots of diagrams and little background for the folder who wants to move up. I've wanted to be a creator for a long time and this site has helped me very much.
Finally, your final models are soooo beautiful and original!
Lux Perpetua, Mexico

Hi! I'm a beginner in origami arts an I have just discovered this fantastic world. Congratulation ! That's very great ! Incredible ! You have a lot of imagination an talent.
Marie Jemine, Belgium

I love making origami, I liked the Robot and I am working on it now I liked the plants, animals, and jewlery.
Michael Erickson, United States

Guillermo, Peru

i think this is a lovely site. i just luv the cool pics, i told my friends abt this site and they luv it too...check it out. u'l just luv it.
Shazly, Maldives

it cool i just wish u would have all ur creation on the site so i too my be able to make the wonderous things u can love aways.
Morgan Smith, Australia

It's a beautiful place on the net. I wish I could learn to make all the wonderful houses and flowers.
Aashile Dhawan, India

I love this website!!! I told all of my friends about it and they love it too!! I love ORIGAMI!
Kendall Hoover, United States

Bardzo podoba mi sie ta stronka :). Jest ekstra!!! Duzo sie stad nauczylam :D
I like this site very much.. It's super! I learned very much from it :D..
Margarita, Poland

hi!!!! im new here!! oooh i luv making things out of paper so i think oriland is great (from wat ive seen so far...) :-)
Tonks Nimphadora, Greece

Soy un nino que le gusta el origami me pregunto porque me gusta el origami pero es divertido hacer un avion entre otras cosas pero me llego el origami por considencia un dia estaba en mi colegio y derepente me digo habra mas figuras de origami entonces busco en la internet y veo esta pagina muy buena por cierto quisiera saber mas del origami gracias por este espacio
Samuel Artemio, Mexico

This site is the coolest of sites i have ever seen. It could be made better if there would be new and easy origami modles added.
Seher Khan, Pakistan


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