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This is a great site. I love the oriland flowers.
An, United States

GORGEOUS site! I literally gasped when I first saw it. The diagrams and galleries are nothing short of beautiful and imaginative, and they range from simple elaborate. I mean, just check out those castles!!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
Kristin Anderson, United States

Great site! I'm a primary-school teacher and became interested in Origami trying to teach my students some new crafts. I've surfed the net looking for new models but this is the first site which gives detailed explanations for beginners and of beautiful, original models. Thanks a lot!
Carolina Parietti, Argentina

I haven't tried them yet! but will get my time to start tying this wonderful ... what word would best fit... wonderful architectonic projects! amazingly unbelievable!!!!!!!!! GO ON!!!!!! AND ON! DO NEVER STOP DOING THIS!!!!
Gonzo Garcia, Uruguay

This site is amazing, I am an oragmi nut and I know quite a few folds but the oragami on this site is the best I have every seen is a while, and it gives you instructions on how to make it.
Ryan P., United States

Wow! it such a graet site i've ever visited and different from other origami site. Keep up your good work
Fadila Hasan, Malaysia

Wow wow wow origami's great.
Robert Gilliam, United States

Really oriland is a best origami site and its amazing too. Thank you. Keep it up.
Ashwini Bansod, India

WOW! Beautiful and useful site for origami lovers.I am enchanted with it. Keep up the good work.
Sandhya Karandikar, India

Merry meet, i like this site very much!!!!
I realy want de cd's but i come from another country. I am trying to make the castles but it is difficult. Mabey you guys can explain it on internet so that I can make the castles and houses and the peoples I hope that it wil come very soon!!!
blessed be david
David Undetiwan, Netherlands

Oriland is the best site ever it teaches me cool origami designs.
Robert Gilliam, United States

Oriland.com is the best origami site on the net . last year I discovered this extremely beautiful world of origami and now I am thrilled by having a glance at the new collection. I request Yuri & Katrin Shumakov and all who are associated with this site to bring in new box designs. Eagerly awaiting new entries at Origami Studio.
Sirisha R, India

ORILAND is the best origami site on the web and i hope that it keeps getting better and better, I visit the site every day after 6:00pm to see whether the site has changed or not. But it was only Wednesday-8th-december when i discovered it and i have had a go at lots of the animals already. This is the best origami site on the web. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle O'Malley, United Kingdom

This is absolutely fantastic!!! it is the best origami website i have ever been on, the fact that you can do all of it with NO cutting or sticking is amazing.
Tom Hedger, United Kingdom

... I have no words to express what I feel everytime I visit Oriland... It is just wonderful and inspirational.
Thank you.
Adriana Castano, Colombia

I use your designs to teach origami to my high school classes. The illustrations are excellent and easy to follow. Thanks for a wonderful site!
Pat Oakes, United States

Its amazing. One of my favourite sites. Looking forward for more illustrations.
Anita Punjabi, India

Wow!!! que belleza de origami.
Begona Echezuria, Venezuela

Oriland was ace. I liked designing the city.
Liam Gill, United Kingdom

Origami's good.
Kathy, United States

Completely BLOWS my mind!!! So beautiful... I ordered 2 of the CDs! It has been years since I lasted folded, but recently I wanted to create flowers for friends and other loved ones. I have books, but the Oriland creators and this website have shown me a whole other world! I can not say enough about this website - surprised that I came across it and I hope others will share in my excitement!
Michelle West, United States

I enjoy the Oriland site. It has given me new ideas. Do keep up the good work. Also i would like to be a part of Oriland incase you intend to organise anything in India.
Ms. Shirley Miranda, India

This website (Oriland) really amaze me and it really amazing creative idea. wonderful.. it make me feel sweet.. thank u
Hashimah Nyok, Malaysia

Is verry verry good
Magdalena Gredkiewicz, Poland

Es realmente fantastico encontrar un sitio como este en la red, las figuras son hermosas, todo un reto a la imaginacion de los que alguna vez hemos intentado arrugar de forma artistica un pedazo de papel. Por favor ya publiquen los diagramas de esas maravillosas mascaras, palacios y barcos. Es esfuerzo es mucho, pero estoy seguro que muchas personas se los agradeceran tanto como yo.
Rigoberto Ramirez, Mexico

Thank you so much! The site is great, your models are lovely and your explanations are very clear.
I enjoy a lot!
Nat Mendez, Argentina

This is a site and i have made the best thing and i showed it to my school and they all liked it and i loved it i thank you all!!
Nizam Udin, United States

I love to play with origami!
So if you have a new origami, send it to me. I 'm is good at origai:)
Bao Tran, Vietnam

It's so cool!!!!!!!!!!! I got to learn how to do some origami and I'm one of the best scouts of Oriland last november,2004!!!!!!!!!
Daisy D. Moreno, Philippines

I LOVE THIS SITE! I havnt seen a better origami website ever! The graphics are great and the directions are so easy to follow. I know I will be visiting this site at least once a day if not more.
Mandy Gray, United States

Thanks for this trip to the soul world.
Clara Pimstein, Venezuela

It is realy great!!! this site. I like it very much. It's wonderful.
Claudia, Israel

Very, very impressed. I've done Origami before (years ago) and just recently picked it up again. I spent hours on your site folding. I'm very pleased with the instructions. Thank you for such a beautiful and informative site.
Jana, United State

I was checking about block origami when i bumped into your site and i think your website is great,havent quite absorbed everything yet, theres so much to see and really colourful too!!!great stuff keep up the good work!!!
Chan, United Kingdom

Amazing and interesting creation.
Sergia, Canada

I love your site i have been looking for crafts to do so I loged onto your site. I have showed my friends how to do oragami, and they love it! oriland is a fantastic site!
Jackie Humphrey, United States

It is realy great!!! this site. I like it very much.it's wonderful.
Irina, Romania

I am astounded by your works of origami! You should rate the crafts from beginner to advanced so people will know what projects they are capable of doing. You should also put more project to the public and lower the prices on the CDs (I can't afford them). Otherwise, I think this website is totaly awesome!!! I am 12, not 10-15.
Le La La Gonzo, United States

I like your origami pictures.
Fahad, Kuwait

This is an awesome site for origami.
Shirley Miranda, India

Its cool but last time i opened this web there were other cool oriland paper folding than know.
Lucy Garcia, Chile

l like origami.
Nguyen Hieu Nhan, Vietnam

I enjoy it! =)
Marcia, Poland

Hello. I'm Korean girl .
This site is very useful
Thank you~
Lee So-Yean, Republic of Korea

I love your site!!!!
The best site I have ever seen!!!
Would you pleeeaaaase put one of the beautiful buildings in origami studio ???
Lots of love!!!
Thanks!!! .
Yippie Mane, Hong Kong

Good day, your Oriland is the best website from all the origami site....I found a lot of interesting idea, and all the projects are so nice, and from that impression, I start to collect your set of cd....and i try my best to learn too, thank for creating this Oriland.......
Thao Trang Tran, United States

I really want to say thank you for this awsome site. I'm a mother of a girl, she is 14, and I try to find some information for my daughter about projects in which she could apply some math principles or theorems. If you can help me please let me know.
Again congratulations for this wonderful site.
Itzel Gianella
Itzel Gomez, United States

Wonderful site!! Great for my three year old! I've already referred this site to two friends. Thanks for maintaining such an interesting entertaining and educative site.
Yagyaseni, India

I love this site! This site is my home page on the internet! I love the origami studio the best. I also have a suggestion. I was thinking that you could make more lessons on the oriversity.
Nathan Ray, United States

hi! i am a huggeee fan of your site.
i LOVE the flowers that you make and i have a bit of a request....=S
could you pleeeeeeeassssssssseeeeee put the convallaria flower instructions into origami studio?!!?
i love that flower and even though its at simple level, i can't seem to make it!!! is it using peliminary base? please give me some hints!!
it the most adorable flower!!
thank you so much for the brillant website!!
i dream someday of making beautiful flowers like the ones in your treasury!!
thank you!!!
Alys Smith, United Kingdom

I really enjoy your site. Although I would really like to see more items in the oragami studio, I have made everything in there and have run out o things to make. Thank you very much.
Alex, United States

I love origami very much but I don't affort to buy you CDs because they are so expensive for me. Could you help me ???. Thank you very much.
Tu Huynh, Vietnam

Hi this is my favorite website! I wish I could add some stuff to the studio.I almost know everything in the studio. Please I really want to learn the creations in the treasury.
Isaac Martinez, United States

I'm a Chinese senior student, so my English is very poor. Some words in the website makes me can't understant. Now, I know the origami is popular all around the world. This website is the best one that I have seen. But to me, the CDs are too expensive and I can not shopping online. But thank you all the same.
Luqing, China

I like diagrams of the more beutiful heart, children, boat, flower diffeent, vase, dowloands free. Thank you.
See you later. BB
Juan Vergara, Mexico

Solo decir, que esta pagina es lo que estaba buscando para realizar un trabajo que me han mandado en el instituto. Y hay cosas muy bonitas, asi que me pasare mas a menudo.
Felicitar a los creadores de la pagina, y a todos los que hayan aportado ideas, porque es fantastica. Un besito NURIA
Nuria Bermudez Anchuela, Spain


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