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This Oriland website gives a new breeze of idea and fun-filling my spare time. To experience an adventure or a quest is a great thing.
Lyndia, Indonesia

Amazing! The time, effort and INCREDIBLE talent that went into this site. And you share it with us...Thank You
Tere Reich, United States

I believe this page is expectacular, it's amazing all the things you can do in origami, i made some kusudama flowers for my christmas tree and it looks fantastic!
Sara Yukie, Colombia

Oriland is the greatest funest origami web site I've ever experienced.
Jill Rayner, United Kingdom

I love Oriland and I am happy about all your easy origami and Oriversity is a great way to learn to understand.
Christy Farfech, United States

Your work is absolutely spectacular! I noticed that you "upgraded" the castles; they are beautiful, but I feel that you should still have the old ones in the treasury, as they are equally stunning. It's amazing how you are able to attend so many functions, frequently update the site, and create so much magic. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world instead of hiding such beauty.
Kouryou Tsuki, United States

I came across your web-site while looking for other origami sites. I have to say by far your site is the easiest to understand and alot of fun. I'm new to origami so this site is great for me.
Thank you, Shelly.
P.S. I have recomended your web site to other origami lovers
Shelly Darnell, United States

The castles and other stuff in the kingdoms are really amazing! I took part in the origami quest and it took me quite long to find the last scroll for the Gold Dragon. Now I've finally found it, but it's too difficult for me... I really like the magic slippers, I fold them at school all day long. Thank you for this wonderful site!
Katharina Pettersen, Germany

'AMAZING' is all I can say. I never imagined that you could fold such amazing things, creatures, etc. What an art!
Bernice Knight, South Africa

I'm so glad because found this site. I can learn how to make origami and send a beautiful card to my friend from this site.
Maiza Kaman, Malaysia

Juan Vergara, Mexico

i like this site but i would like to no y they dont tell u how to make the magic items in the oriland treasury. otherwise this is a great site.
Ryan, United States

Kim Suhee, Republic of Korea

Origami has made me feel like I can do something by my self and with out anyons help.
Ct Spencer, United States

Oriland is awsome, i just buy 2 CD from this site....... it was soo beautifull i love it very much, i really really hope they have new CD about flower and vase soon.. i love them ^_~
Lyly Nguyen, United States

sssoooooo cool! i'm a beginner and the step by step instructions made it so easy for me to learn the basic folds! i also love the interesting things in the 'studio' section that i've been learning to make! awesome origami site!!!
Chelsea Nelson, Canada

This website is the coolest place to find origami patterns. They have diagrams that you can actually read and understand. Ii am recommending this website to other who love origami and what to find some neat patterns.
Alexandra Sakols, United States

I love this site! And I love how you share all of your diagrams. I have learned so many new things from this site. Thank you for all your time and effort.
Krysta Heaton, United States

I'm very interested in origami and this page is treasure! Here is just everything you ever want or need to know about origami! Thank you so so so much! :D
Rita, Finland

Oriland!!!!!my god. what a great site. i'v learnt many things from here.i'v made all the possible diagrams shown here. i personally feel that new concepts/diagrams shud b updated from time to time as v can learn to make new things. i think this request wud b acknowledged. thanq
D M, India

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zach Marvin, United States

I like this web site. The color combination and pictures are fine. I hope you can do more.
Md. Shahed Ahmed Hasan, Bangladesh

Origami is my passion in life. It is my best friend, my whole world.
Twyla Shabazz, United States

I love u.
Maddy Mubffcc, Australia

It is my first time to visit here. And I Love it!
I like it and love it.
Khurshida Parveen, Bangladesh

I think it's rilly rilly HARD.
Sarah Crawford, United States

Wow, AWESOME SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the BEST site EVER!!!!! I just LOVE origami, so then I LOVE this site!!!!! I'm going to get EVERY single person I KNOW into ORIGAMI!!!!!!!!! My name is stephanie Luz, and DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!! Origami is MY number #1 priority to do every day!!!!I Just LOVE Origami!!!! Thank's for making this site!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Luz, United States

I feel more fun and all stress go away when I visit this web. You're wonderful!
Mai Tuyet, Vietnam

It is very nice. It is so interesting that i cannot express my impressions.
Kader Rahi, Bangladesh

I love it!!!!>_<
Dinh Hien, Vietnam

What a good idea to compose with a large number of simple (or less simple) forms of Origami. I show this site to our students, thanks a lot,
Gretl Nardin, France

Great shapes, great presentation. And there is something for everyone. Keep on the good work.
Ivana Avakumovic, Yugoslavia

Thiz land iz soooo kooooool!!!^_^ .
Vi Cam, Vietnam

Oriland is a fantastic site to visit. I'm an origami addict and now I am more addicted after visiting this website.
Beth Go, United States

It is my first time to visit here.
And I think this site is amazing.
You opened my eyes to this world.^^
Thank you so much. I want to write more. But I can't speak English fluently.
Heo seon-yeong, Korea, Democratic People's Republic

I became an "Orilandmaniac"
Amalia Molinari, Argentina

I love it so much .it is so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monica Giles, United States

I love Origami and fairytales. These two make a perfect combination. This site encourages me to build an oriland of my own. I got the oribana delight for my birthday so far and I'm looking forward to get the whole collection.
Anh Nguyen, United States

Tamara Lachance, Canada

I loved Oriland very much. Not only the amazing origami, also the website. I just ordered two CDs from Oriland which are Oriland and Origami Original, I love those CD, but some of diagrams are very hard to fold, if the authors can record it in a video, I think it will be easier to learn to fold those origami.
Jocelyn Wong, United States

I LOVE ORIGAMI!!! The only 1 thing i would change or add would be more free designs so u dont have to order stuff online. Other than that, it ROCKS!!!
Emily, United States

ORIGAMI is my greatest hobby, it make me happy, and feel the life more interesting.
Chau Anh, Vietnam

I would like to say that this website is perfect for imagination and inspiration! I wish I could do all of the castles. Oh, wait, I would like to make everything that I see on this site! It's wonderful, beautiful, perfect...it's everything positive you can say. Keep up the good work!
Star Prentice, Canada

My friend showed me this site and it was the first time i had tried to make anything from paper and the diagrams were so easy to follow, i'm addicted... it's great!!!!!
Kyria Richards, United Kingdom

I just wanted to thank you for the most entertaining and beautiful non-commercial website I've ever seen!
Hanna Westerbom, Sweden

I just visited the site - very interesting.(and cool!)
Linda Wagner, United States

I love this site so much. I am getting ready to buy one of you CDs.
Marina Ocean, United States

It really nice and very creative. I wanna know it u could show me how 2 do all those.
Sandra Phan, Canada

I love it i even tried it it's awesome.
Kenzie Robirds, United States

Me gusto la pagina mucho desearia que fuese en espanol.
Michael Alvarez, Puerto Rico

This is a great web site. I have had a lot of fun learning how to do oragami.
Adrienne Rasmussen, United States

I love this site. I've been folding origami for almost 20 years, and have never come across as large a collection as this.
Katrin Tellez, United States

I love this site.
Kati G., Iran

I love the site and I have all the CDs.
Carl Fortunato, United States


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