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I love Oriland. I would like to make all those casthle so beatiful. I hope to know from you soon. Here in PR I teach math and the kids loves it. Thanks. Kindly Lydia.
Lydia Rivera, Canada

Great Site, very impressive, keep up the good work!
Ryan M., Canada

I love your site it is my absolute favorite.
Courtney Schemmel, United States

I accidentally found this site when searching for art projects--what a lovely site. I enjoyed being a scout and look forward to making my first origami piece.
Melve R., United States

I like this site very much because I like origami and ORILAND helped me so much. I'm a new origami doer and really it's too easy with ORILAND. Sometimes I had difficulties with the shapes but I really enjoyed. Thank you...
Ayse Nazar, Turkey

Since I visiter ORILAND for the first time, I was completely fascinated. Sincerely, it's a dreamland. I am forming an origami group here in Lima. My idea is to gather people with hidden talents and show the to the world and I hope one day we can build something similar to this project. My group is called ORIGAMI PERU. CONGRATULATIONS!
Marta Tagata, Peru

I like Oriland so much. My cousins show it to me. I had like it a lot. I didn't know that you could make so many things in origami.
Manuela Gutierrez, United States

Everyone says Oriland is great... and it is! I must say, I've been to many origami sites and this is one of my favorites! Organized, fun, has oodles of projects... it's even eye-catching! Who could ask for more?
Denise Tran, Canada

CONGRATULATIONS!! Oriland is a very creative idea. I love the name because it makes you love your web page and the activities are wonderful.
Marcela, Colombia

I have visited Oriland a few years ago and I only found it again today, I'm glad it's still running it's such a fantastic site!! I wish I could do that awesome origami! Possibilities are endless.
Julie Wilkinson, Australia

I think this website is great. I don't know why I haven't been on it before, it's just wonderful.
Melissa Atkins, United Kingdom

Hello, greetings from Finland.
I think that the website is absolutely amazing... for whoever visits.  There is so much on the site and plenty of things to do. Thanks for the entertainment on the website. Regards.
Jude Hoseason, Finland

This is totally out of the world! I never expect I can find a website like this anywhere! Like a fantasy come true! And I've learnt to make many beautiful origami models to brighten up my friends' days! :)
Eileen Chee, Singapore

I like this website very much; and I have made some of them. So beautiful! :) So cool!!
Wei Jia, China

This site is awesome. It is sooo fun. I get on this site like everyday during school. I have been in trouble for being on this site like three times by my teachers. Its great!
Max Woodbury, United States

Wow...this site is very very very interesting! i like it very much! :))
Vaida Griciunaite, Lithuania

Wow! This site is like no other. I love the creativity put into every detail.
Emily Fincher, United States

This is the best site ever. I have saved it in my favorites and have visited it many times. I especially like making origami from this site.
Wah Jiang, Australia

WOW! What a web site i can't wait to show my kids.
Tracy O'Brien, United Kingdom

Me alegra haberlos encontrado pues me han recordado mi infancia. Creo que el origami ajiliza tu aprendizaje mental y al mismo tiempo te distrae de la realidad.
Ale Goede, Dominican Republic

This is a great website I ever seen. Easy to learn and nice to see. I love it, really impressed me so much.
Jacqueline, Malaysia

This is a great site. I've always loved origami and this is the best origami site I've ever saw. The origami was unique. I wish they would have more sites like this one!
John Daniels, United States

Oriland helped me make my first wedding anniversay (which is paper) very special. Thank you for making your designs available to the public.
Heather Chastain, United States

Oriland is a big inspiration for kids young and old.
Kirstyn Kennedy, United States

WOW, very nice, very good, so beautiful and easy to learn. I'm impress.
Lina Hazir Mohd, Malaysia

Hi i am visit this web site this is a wery good web sit and delightful.
Davood Zarinnia, Iran

Wow Good site I enjoy making the paper origami!!!
Krissi Statta, United States

Preciosa la pagina..... los felicito y me gustaria verla crecer.... suerte
Meri Affranchino, Argentina

Es un sitio muy interesante para todo amante del origami. Siempre lo recomiendo a mis alumnos y a mi amigos del origami.
Alex Pizarro Estrella, Peru

This is a great website!
Amena Quraishi, Pakistan

My impression can be many things.
For example I have made rings.
I create my hearts desir.
Of course not wishing to be a liar.
Thro and thro I have in choosed
To be in Oriland as a poem.
It may not rhme.
It may not figure.
But atleast I tried.
Thats a pictur.

Johanni Thunstrom, United States

I wasn't interested in origami until I found about this site. Oriland has indeed waken up my artistic talents. Thanks for your innovative and interesting tips and lessons included here.
Sapna Reheem, India

Your site is amazing! The Suncity castle is even more so!also, I'm only 10 and have made the main building & 1 tower from the Oriland castle! Isn't that good?
Mark Hammond, United Kingdom

I am an Origami fanatic, and this is one of the best sites I have been to. Keep up the good work.
Lucy Law, Australia

I really like this website because it teaches me how to fold the best stuff! I love Origami + Oriland = I LOVIN' IT!!!
Chen Ying Ying, Myanmar

I love making paper stuff and I'm crazy about this site!
Seher Khan, Pakistan

I think it is a spectacular website. I've got the opportunity to make many things that I didn't know how to make in the past. The ideas, the methods and the diagrams are all absolutely amazing. I have learned a lot from this web site and I hope to learn more in the future. Thanks to Oriland!
Amena Quraishi, Netherlands

Carlos Ramos, Chile

Hi I am from Singapore. This is a beautiful site! I really like it so much. I would like to learn how to make the "Big Wheel" in the Oriland Treasury. How can I get to learn it?
Tal Tan, Singapore

I love this site... especially the oribanas.. they're so amazing!!
Tiff Ho, Canada

If i knew about this web-site in the beginning, i would of gone on every day.
Dana Addy, United States

Un sitio absolutamente hermoso.
Gloria Elsie Pelaez, Colombia

There's no other way to make slippers, animals, cards, boxes, and decorations and have fun at the very same time.
Anna St.Clair, United States

I think that what has been created is so magnificent it likes impossible to do. Whoever has done this artwork are absolutely BRILLIANT. They should continue to do this work and they should post diagrams on how to do some of the foldings.
Elizabeth Palmer, United States

I was looking for a robot, and now I've found one. It looks great!
Wilma van der Borght, Netherlands

I love Oriland.
Faizan Ahmed, Pakistan

Hermosooooo - beautiful.
Flopy Cadabal, Argentina

Maria Eugenia Reyesleal, Colombia

WOW! This takes my breath away! and I always thought Origami was just paper cranes. I can't wait to start folding.
Michelle W., USA

hi! gud pm! nice site! i've learned a lot in making origami samples. i've now teaching origami to my kids. they love it! we are now collecting origami samples and bind it! for me, it helps a lot! it reduces stresses and problems! my kids, my husband and i are now having a full bonding. sharing ideas, long patience and creativity increases our self-confidence. thanks to ur site. hope u'll send me more samples of origami. thanks again!

Ma. Grace Sinco-Kandog, Philippines

I am so glad I found this site. I have books and "did't" understand the language until now ...... thanks.
Nancy Bartolet, USA

This is a very creative site. This is where I learn my origami. Stay a great site people.
Becca O'Grosky, USA

Very good, congratulations please contact I Practic origami for 26 years old, my life paper folding I Live Cancun Quintana Roo bye.
Javier Pacheco, Mexico

Je suis vraiement emerveillée par ce qu'on peut créer avec du papier. F é licitations et bonne continuation.
Delphine, Cote D'ivoire

i like dis website its good but a bit complicated :s
Brittany Curtis, United Kingdom


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