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I'm OBSESSED with origami!!! And when I was researching it at school, I found Oriland... This is the BEST website i've EVER been to for origami!!! It's fun AND it has a lot of different diagrams for all skill levels of origami!! Thanks to the creators of Oriland!!!
Eva Rinehart, United States

I love origami, so when I found out about Oriland I fell in love with it.
Tenni Mansell, Australia

I adore origami. It's fantastic!!!!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know everything about it. It's so interesting!!!!!!!!!!
Stella Stivaktaki, Greece

I am absolutely fascinated with origami. I do it all the time, and i'm always looking for more. Thanks for such a great site!
Lucy Lee, Australia

Oriland is way way way cool.
Charlie Munro, Canada

This is a very well-done and lovely website, Katrin and Yuri!!! Very informative and useful. I am a visual artist, have been working with many other media to create artworks, but still, paper is one of the most fasinating media to work on. I had learnt about origami when I was very young, and thought origami was only for young kids, and I hadn't folded anything till lately, when I was preparing some special gifts for my boyfriend. I filled up a beautiful glass bottle with about 300 paper-folded colourful stars and hearts, and he loves them!!! And now, he's also learning origami with me together!! :)
Thank you very much for creating such a inspiring website again!!! and keep up on the great work! :)))))
Jasmine C., Canada

This is a brilliant site!! I love it, being a student who isn't really exposed to much art I enjoy it very much. Thanks to a good friend of mine. Orgami has become one of my new hobbies.
Ulanda Singh, Guyana

This site is the prettiest site I've ever seen. I love origami and fairytales. Looks like this was made just for me. It encourages me wanting to build a paper land of my own.
Anh Nguyen, United States

It's very colourful and vibrant, just like the art itself. Very informative and shows that origami is not merely folding a piece of paper but much more interesting!
Wendy Kan, Singapore

It was cool!
John Smith, United Kingdom

This is a really pretty and very cute site!! ^_^ I didnt know you could fold such complex things from using just paper! I love it!
Miriam Yeung, Canada

This is really great, my little sister enjoy making her own Oriland city. I also tried and I did have a nice time.
Angel Villarey, Philippines

I love you.
Wiliam Robson, Norway

Thanks for sharing with us the joys of making origami, and for developing such a great site.
Axel Serrant, Puerto Rico

I just Love Oriland! I can say it is the best children's site on the web. The models are also soo beautiful. I always practise them at home. Thanks Yuri and Katrin Shumakov! for creating such a wonderful website for children.
Mahrukh Mumtaz, Pakistan

Before I found Oriland I could never find any new models and almost gave up on my hobbie. Oriland saved my interest! The Oriland kingdoms are adorable!
Christina Milbourne, United States

Love your work! You have given, new,imaginitive fun-loving origami models. Each fold embraces a flare femininity combined with exciting form of modern edge. Fantastic!
Mary Murray, United States

This website is great!!! I enjoy making some origami, i wanted to know more about making origami and i found your site! It really deserves an applause!! *clap*
Buen trabajo!! (good job!!- in spanish)
Carolina S., Argentina

It is very very very GOOD. And I very very very like it. THANK YOU
Saeeid Shojaee, Iran

Hello! I was pleased to see this site; pretty design and easy to learn origami. I came here for learning making mittens and your site let me know it. I was very satisfied. I hope the true growth of this site.
Eunha Park, Republic of Korea

This is THE MOST amazing site on the internet about Origami that I've ever seen! Congratulations to you all, and keeping showing the world the wonderful art that Origami is! Merry Christmas and a Happy 2004!
Ana Leticia Costa, Brazil

I got interest in origami during my primary school time.I practice anytime I see new folds.I have been visiting other sites,but when I came across ORILAND, I have ceased exploring other sites.To ORILAND, I say B-R-A-V-O-Ooooooo
Deborah Okine, Ghana

I just saw my impression on the index page :) wow. anyhow, i still love this site :)
Reila, United States

Maravilloso y lleno de fantasia.
Es lo maximo que he conocido.
Soy aficionada a este arte y coautora de un libro ilustrado sobre el tema.
Cordiales saludos y les deseo
?un feliz ano 2004!
Aida Urrutia, Chile

You guys make great things. Its all very impressive.
Emily Smith, United States

I love your site, so far, but I think the "design your own city" needs more buildings & people.
Holly-Anne Shank, Canada

Very good more shapes to be made.
Nesrin Depsen, Turkey

Absolutely outstanding website! I just started learning how to do origami. I obviously have a long way to go. :) Beautiful.
Rebecca Holly, United States

I love Oriland. It is the best site on the Net. I visit it everyday and Thanks again Yuri and Katrin for creating such an adorable site which can be cherished throughout the world!
Mahrukh Mumtaz, Pakistan

Awesome, amazing, educational, exciting, creative... This is a site I will be investing a LOT of time viewing. What a TREASURE to find on the web!
Serena Lumiere, United States

I realy like Oriland, it's very cool!!
The diagrams in this site are the best!!!

Yizeed Khamis, Israel

I just learn how to fold origami but I'd love them very very much. Your web site is too beautiful. I wonder how can you do it??? Very very nice and magic. Thank you for your working and thanks everything you bring for everybody in the world.
Sincerely. Van Anh
Van Anh Nguyen, United States

As an origamist of 7 years i LOVE this site it is original and highly educational!!!!
Go origami!!!
Chaz Larson, United States

I just started doing Origami and although I have along way to go your instructions are very understandable.  I purchased the Origami Land CD and have been able to do some of the items.  Again your instructions are great.
Plus what a beautiful and fun site.
Candy Clement, United States

Yes I like this page because the fundamental basic research about this topic has diversity.
greetings Celsa
from Holland
Celsa Janbroers, Netherlands

Oriland is really cool! Those castles are beautiful! I hope there will come more models to fold.
Liesbeth Wijers, Netherlands

I like Oriland very much.  There is something for everybody.  I came here today looking for that lovely little book that was on the site some time ago.  I have [alas!] forgotten how to make it!
Jackie Pitts, United States

Very good. I love them. They're very very beautiful. I'd like to see more.
Ines Medeiros, Brazil

Very Very impressiff, I like to see a bit of origami architecture.
Sisca Voigt, Spain

I love this site I have an origami page a day calendar and couldn't find a Chinese water bomb my favorite and I found it here.
Zac Clemens, United States

Wonderful site! Thank you for all of your fun free diagrams.
Jen S., United States

Very very impressive.
Kriste M., Lithuania

I think it ' s cool.
Ala Antosiewicz, China

I love this site that Oriland made.
Henry Tran, United States

I would say Awesome! This is the best site i have ever visited and what i found on this website is the true defination of Origami art. Thanks for producing what could i say a true Origami website.
Aamir Paracha, Pakistan

Extremely beautiful, do let me know how to make these fascinating models out of paper. I feel like i'm in fairyland.
Aashile Dhawan, India

This is just to say u have done a marvelous job of keeping this site
free for new folders like me so lots and lots of best wishes and a huge god bless.
Piya Bawri, India

Beautiful things. I wish I could make some of them. Your calendar was an Xmas gift. Now I am hooked.
Dee Rogers, United States

Wow! Oriland is really amazing. I love origami, so naturally I love this site. The castles are the most amazing things I've ever seen! I hope someday I will be able to make them too.
Kristen Wade, United States

I saw this website adress in my origami calender for Valentines day. Although I never found the promised valintine folds, I did find an endless source of origami fun. I hope u guys enjoy it as much as me!!
Feleisha Cannelora, United States

This website is cool!!!
Jessica Guinto, United States

You guys rock! I saw your site adress in my 2003 origami calendar and visited it right away! I love this site!!!!!!!!!!
Anna T., Russian Federation

I have always love origami, and can fold about 30 things. I love this site, and I am glad that you are into origami Too!!!
Melissa Hill, United States


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