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Hello I really thank you for your beautiful art works.
Mehdi Ghorsriz, Iran

Oriland world is soo nice !
very colorful, and a lot of imagination! i wish i could do them all!
Jenny Lam, Canada

I´m very surprise! I was looking for a place where to learn origami and I discover Oriland! It's magical and it's make me interest more about learning origami. thank you!
Amalia Molinari, Argentina

I think Oriland is great! Not just because you get to learn how to make origami, it's also because you can go on quest and explor places.
Nickels Winn, United States

This is a great (and unique) site! I found it thanks to the Origami desk calender!
Jordan Killpack, United States

Great site, in case your wondering i found it because it was shown on a UK tv show called the web review a while ago and i'm an insomniac with nothing to do.
good work, keep it comming.
Ollie, United Kingdom

In three words:
Fantastic, lovely and incredible!
Thanks a lot!
Shiva MP, Iran

You have created the most beautiful and instructional origami site that I have discovered. Your diagrams are easy to follow and have encouraged me to tackle designs I might otherwise have shied away from. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and inspiring online origami experience.
Airlia Gladdin, Australia

I'm spending my birthday on oriland 4/12
my boyfriend gave me a thing
Becca Ogrosky, United States

This is absolutely wonderful. Creativeness meets fantasy meets adventure puzzle. Excellent.
Ben Austwick, United Kingdom

I love your website! It's like spending time in Faeryland--beautiful colors and expressive creatures. It's a wonderful, enchanting art. Thanks!
Janet, United States

Wow, over a million hits, and still going strong. Your site still has some of the best explanations going, and even though some patterns are only available in your books and CDs, you still have plenty on the site to keep me coming back again and again. Usually on my lunch breaks at work, and I always have a fun time. Keep up the good work! Thanks for continuing Oriland, a wonderful diversion from my workday.
Heather Potucek-DiBella, United States

I think Oriland is really cool I love doing origami.
Maddison Page, Australia

Thank you for this beautifull site of Origami Art my admiration and congratulations from Mexico City.
Rafael Salgado, Mexico

This website is so cool and inspiring to all.
Victoria Le, United States

I like this side ^-^
Lauri Pahlk, Germany

My best friend told me about this site and she really loves and I just wanted to say that I LOVE it TOO, it is like, tottaly the best and I tell all my friends about it cuz i know that they will love it too! Thanks to all the ppl who made this site possible, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!
Lauren Jenkins, Australia

Newbie has luv at first sight>>>Je suis nouveuse a ce "origami", mais j'adore. C'est genial et magnifique!! C'est tres "cool.
Ladia Bernaramaen-RiSavillle, France, Metropolitan

It's pretty cool. I just wish I could fold that dragon.
Laura M, United States

This site rocks!
I thank every one who helped make this site.
it helped me a lot on my report!
Bin Na Eun Oh, Republic of Korea

Merry had an Oriland. Oriland. Oriland.
Merry had an Oriland.
The best site ever do!
Low Ze Xian, Malaysia

I like Oriland.
Agnes Cieplinsky, Poland

Very beautiful and brought back my childhood memories.
I made a crane and enjoyed it.
Peter Chao, United States

It's a very good site!!! I will say about All Oriland for my friends. Congratulation All Oriland!!!
Patrícia Cordeiro, Brazil

It is a very beautiful site.
Polly, French Polynesia

I love the idea of an "origami land"... the whole arrangement of the website is wonderful... and the origami models here are fantastic! Great job!
Lee-Anne Tay, Malaysia

Oriland has some good diagrams and a starting balance for a new beginner. Very good site and I hope many Filipinos will learn from this craft.
Januariuks Regmalos, Philippines

Wow, I never thought that origamis were so cool + Oriland is fun to look around.
Megan Walley, United States

Great site! I found out how to make a snail and berry! Origami rocks!!!
Johnnie Gray, United States

You can learn a lot from this place.
C.G., El Salvador

I love Origami and found this website from an Origami calendar. I find Origami great to help me relax.
Sophia Lewis, Belgium

The Oriland's origami is amazing, terrific and l have bought the cd-rom with 100 Oriland origami but l can't understant some steps.
Danae Geroulakou, Greece

Your site is realy the ORIgami LAND.
But I want you to give some information about origami and education in the Pre-schools.
The thing that is too important for their creativity.
Hadi Zarrabi, Iran

I first started origami in school and since i found this website all I do is origami. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Jessie Fletcher, United States

I remembered the old days! it's fantastic! but you've many new ideas! when i marry&have a kid i'll show him this site!!! so KEEP IT UP!!
Suhail Abdul-Aziz, Saudi Arabia

I read about Origami in newspaper and I find it very interesting and I want to try it. So I found this site is mentioned over there and when I opened it I most like the presentation given in it. I find it is very interesting to work on.
Ashu Goel, India

I love OriLand. It is a lot of fun!~I~ think that it is one of the best sites!
Lacey Pelly, United States

This site is amazing.
I want to do all the origami, but some are difficult for me.
Maria Calvani, Venezuela

I always liked making things with papers and I take time to make things with paper. I’m so impressed with the things you make. My first impression is than wauw! wauw! wauw! I want to make them too. It’s so beautiful and so wauw it’s just too much for words. wauw!!!!!! It’s nice and so (te gek!!!!) keep up the beautiful work you’re doing and it give kids and woman and men a smile on their faces. I love your works! Bye Audrey!
Audrey Obol, Netherlands

I've got to agree with everyone. This is the web best site I've seen for info & models of the origami art. The website is put together with such enthusiasm, it'll be hard to get bored easily. It's definitely original! Thanks !
Brenda Origami Lover, United States

I am absolutely amazed and thrilled to discover this site. This is the best origami site I have discovered. I also enjoyed the appearance of the site and thought it looked fantastic. I am definitely going to buy the Oriland cd. This site will heaven for people who live and breath origami [like myself]. To the people who created this site continue doing what you are doing.
Camellia Bryan, Canada

Magnificent!!!! the best origami site, other site just show off their origami collection but really stingy in giving instruction, and theres no instruction there, but here....cette plus bien!!!! add more instruction for more difficult models, merci, a bientot.
Vallie Baros, France

Oriland is the best origami website I have ever found.Everything is excellent! After going through this website I have known the true meaning of origami and being artistic! Thank you.
Heba Moeen, Pakistan

This site is amazing. I want to do all the origami, but some are difficult for me. I love OriLand. It is a lot of fun!~I~ think that it is one of the best sites!it is really amazingggggggggggggggg site. I think there is no other site like this. keep it up and do more work on it so u can make it more sweeter and more lovely. I really love this site. I love every thing on this site.This is a beautiful web site. Thanks for sharing your talents.
Madeeha Hashmi, Kuwait

I call myself OrigamiFreak and I love Oriland. It's one of my favorite sites!
Bo-Yee Lai, United States

My English is poor, but I can say that everything is wonderful. Thank you very much.
Aliya Amirova, Uzbekistan

Lee Gyooho, Republic of Korea

I really love to see and origami.
Oriland is so beautiful. Is like a dream with so many colours, so many palaces, houses, flowers, animals and many other things that you can't even count them. It's like a fantasy world.
This site www.oriland.com is the most interesting site that I've ever seen before. So I really appreciate if the responsible of this site could show for everyone of us how to make every origami foldings that this site contains.
Catarina Lau, Macau

This site is very remarkable it has beautiful origami and I learnt a lot from it.
Aditya Chawla, India

I like it so much and i like to have more and more
I like to make my own city by Oriland :) >> thanks all
Huda Jasim, Bahrain

I think that, Oriland is the part of magic that lives inside me. Thanks for making that Oriland exist...
Adriana Garcia, Argentina

I love this web page, i think it's great.
Nhi Lam, Australia

I luv Oriland it brought out the origami in me and I love this site!
Joanne Pham, Australia

how delighted i've found here! ^.^
i'm not talkative myself, but i feel like i should be about what i've seen.
G. P., Republic of Korea


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