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I really like this place because everything is made out of paper and imagination. I have loved origami ever since i learned to fold a paper crane. This website is awesome, but the Oriland is best!!
Paige Medvedeff, United States

I like the way the steps are organized and are easy to follow.
Javier Sanchez, United States

I love your origami gretting cards.^^~... the're so nice^^~... and thanx for the diagrams^^~.. they're all very easy to read^^~...
Tiffany Ho, Canada

Excellent site, helped out when I wanted to create a wedding card. (By the way the bride loved the handmade card!)
Christina Frome, United States

I have visited a lot of websites, and this is the best so far. It is amazing! Even those not into origami will fall in love with the site. A real "obra maestra".
Annie de Mesa, Philippines

Hi! The thing I like best about Oriland is that it is just made of paper! My mom showed me and I thought that I might want to visit your website sooner or later. Love your freind madison!!!!!!
Madison Moe, United States

It's simply fascinating. Really nice to learn these origami. Especially Oribana flower arrangements.
Keep up your good work!
Champa Godakandearachchi, Sri Lanka

I just love love Oriland because it is full of origamis. I also love folding origamis. Oh i just love Oriland it is the most wonderful place I've ever been to on the web. Yours, Charya
Charya Kol, Cambodia

True, your page is the best, not only between origami's pages, it's the best in the internet. It's practice, it's beautiful and it's very amusing.
Angel, Spain

Hello Yuri and Katrin! I just watched the webcast of the ChildNet awards ceremony wherein the Oriland.com is a winner. I made that heart pretty well, not as perfect but as significant of learning a 7th century masterpeice by use of the 21st century Internet! This is the second time I wrote my message on the GuestBook, I have saw how quality your site is. truly the two of you deserves the honor. I truly would like to congratulate your team, I am an entrant to this year's childnet, so pray for me! bye : )
Angelicum Oda, Philippines

So far tonight, I've folded a bell flower, a tiny book, an envelope, and a snowflake card. Whenever I'm folding, I'm having a good time. Thank you for creating this site. The models are enchanting. There are always more enjoyable things to do than there is time to do them! What a wonderful dilemma. I will visit again, soon.
Paula Caddo, United States

Dear Yuri & Katrin...I love your site and the Land of Oriland...The quest for the scrolls was fun, I don't usually play any games on the computr...Thank you
Thelma DeMet, United States

I just wanted to tell you two that your web site is absolutely beautiful! I just started folding and I love every thing on your site. Your diagrams are easy to follow. In the near future, I am planning on buying your CD. I have 4year and 2year old sons who just love the things I have been making. Keep them coming!! Thank you,
Beverly Rogers, United States

Absolutely awesome!
Hirah, Pakistan

it's really cool!
Idaamah Batool, Pakistan

Wonderful site liked enjoyed
Shaan Memon, Pakistan

I love it!
Emily Allen, United States

Beautiful site! I have been folding origami since I was 10 (so that'll be 12 years now) and I don't remember seeing such beautiful origamies anywhere as they are here, in Oriland. Thanks for sharing us your excellent diagrams. All my friends who received gifts made with your diagrams are also sending their thanks!
Vanda Juranic, Croatia

I've been folding origami since 1st grade. Here I am in 8th, and I still love it! Never have I seen such a wonderful website like Oriland. It's informative AND fun!!!!
Hannah M, United States

I think it is the best origami site on the internet as i have already search for more than 5 hours.
Emma War, Australia

Oriland is great, whether you`re a beginner or an advanced folder. It`s just origami made from the heart!!!
C. M., Colombia

Well, I made my very first flower this evening (a lily) and even I was impressed at how nice it turned out! The instructions on the cd are fantastic. Thanks! :)
Kim, United States

I really liked it but I really want to lern how to make the Oriland castels, ponds, and statues.
Sincerly Dominique.
PS: I learnt about oriland at my origami club at Glendower prep school.
Dominique Jones, United Kingdom

The Diagrams were amazing. I made 2 books, a candy box, and a vase, which were all easy to follow. I had a lot of fun searching the website.
Evan LaVare, United States

This is an awesome site. I love all there is to look at. Most of all I love how incredible your instructions are. I love the pictures AND the words.
Nicole Handy, United States

I love Oriland and I want to see Oriland.
P. Delavar, Iran

It is totally great! Hope that there is more!!
Serena Neo, Singapore

I am an origami enthusiast and have started a small business with my origami creations. I am very glad I discovered Oriland website. I get a lot of ideas from your different features. Thank you very much.
Rhea Mateo, Philippines

I absolutely LOVE Oriland!!! I think it's the coolest website. I also think that the modular origami on the flowes are SO amazing!!! All my friends agree with me and don't see a reason why they shouldn't. Please, make more of your exquisit oriland origami!! I am looking forward to seeing more. I, unfortunately, I don't know how to very complicated ones, I know some but they're really simple, so all I can do is enjoy the beauty of it made by someone else.
Good Luck on inventing more awesome origami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lana Johnson, United States

I love the creativity and beauty of the site. I was really impressed by the origami-world's photos! Everything is so nicely done, from the diagrams to the navigation to the content. Thank you for making this site!
Val C., United States

The first time I visited Oriland was at school in math. My class rocked!!!! This web site is the bomb! It is the best origami site ever! I made a car. The site makes it so easy by breaking it into steps. This site rocks! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melodie McTaggart,United States

Oriland web site is very beautiful and well done. The instructions are clear. Origami helps me to make mathematics lessons on symmetry more interesting and fun. Thanks for sharing.
Boon Yiah, Singapore

What a marvelous presetation? You have a remarkable website. It catches the idea. Visual communication.
Roxane Scherer, United States

The first time I went on Oriland, I could never get off. This is my favorite website I will always go on it. When I'm bored I'll go on it. I love origami in Oriland.
Thank you Oriland.
Becca O'Grosky, United States

I believe in the power of origami! I am a social worker always looking for new ways to open new pathways in the minds of the disabled. Origami has become the new fave in my classroom, after one short week! I've noticed whatever it is I think I see, becomes origami to me!
Molly Phoenix, Canada

Thank you for the information on the bilateral development that is promoted by origami instruction, as I am an Art Teacher K-5, and I do use some origami in my curriculum. Your thesis gives my instruction of origami in the classroom a legitimate stamp.
Dave Paterson, United States

Dear Katrin & Yuri, I had to e-mail you, after receiving your 'Oribana' book and 'Oriland Origami' CD. I am delighted with both items, and have to say that you have taken origami and made it modern, beautiful and appealing to both myself and the children I teach at school. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work you do for origami!
Sue, United Kingdom

Oriland is wonderfull. When I found Oriland on the internet, I like it very much. I spent 3 hours to visit around the Oriland. Then I found the new book which I want to get one. So I sent you a request to know how can I get it. And I received the reply from you.
I can't write more because my English is terrible.
I hope that Oriland will develop more and more.
Dao Thi My Khanh, Vietnam

This is a beautiful web site. Thanks for sharing your talents.
Kerri Skinner, United States

Oriland is soooooo great! It is the best origami website I've seen by far! I wish Oriland all the best in it's future undertakings...
Jeya Soorya, Singapore

I am Kindergarten teacher, married and the mother of a 11 and 13 year old. At a time when war seems to be upon us, I found your site. It is magic ! Our family did some origami at the table tonight and I will share it with my students. No Tv, no loud noises, just peace. The site is beautiful ! The instructions are well done. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely talents with the world.
Mrs. Treva Imler
Bexley, Ohio
Treva Imler, United States

Wonderful. The colours used are really a great help because we can see very well how to fold.
The book Oribana is very nice too.
The best site... I was looking for it, i found it : here !
Karine Irani, France, Metropolitan

Brilliant site! I am new to origami but already I am hooked!
Gro Bennett, United Kingdom

Oriland has been a great help. They are the best origami site I have seen in years. Thanks for helping me to succeed in creating origami and you have been a significant part of my beautiful origami. Love it!!!
Jolisa Barrnera, United States

I love Oriland. We do a origami at school all the time. It is so much fun.
Alexandra Miranda, United States

You tell give us brilliant ideas for making models out of paper.
Ekta Patel, Hong Kong

This is a great place I made a whole basket of stuff for my mom and got 10 dollars!!!!!!
Jen Schlatter, United States

I really like Oriland and it teach me know how to do origami. Origami is really cool. I love origami. Yeah.
Hemicole Nay, United States

I made a origami thing to my boyfriend, Nathan and he loved it.
Thank you Oriland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lyssa Tomlinson, United States

WOW! This site is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I mean it! I luv the e-cards and lots of other stuff you can do @ this website!
Riva (Ree-va), United States


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