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Write your own impressions about Oriland and read impressions of other travellers who came to Oriland from 80 countries!

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I am in awe! What a fascinating web site. Since I have found Oriland, I access it everyday because there is so much to take in. Keep up the incredible work!!
Lisa Bennett, United States

WOW!! I knew about this website from 'Call for Help' from TechTV. This site is for everybody, not the kids only. Hope you all have fun as much as I do.
Laydiefa Raiza, Malaysia

It's great.I'm a math teacher and I use it in my clase. My kids love it.
Awilda Saldivia, Puerto Rico

Excellent work. Keep it up.
Tan Le, United States

This site is absolutely amazing! Very beautiful and imaginative too.
Thank you for bringing the art of origami into our lives!
Shraddha, India

This is absolutely amazing!!! I think your site is great!!! Please continue to publish books with diagrams of these miniature worlds!!!
Ginger Lacki, United States

This site is WONDERFUL!!!!
Lucie Mochon, Canada

WOW!!! Never could i have dreamed that a stack of paper could produce such wonder..... I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Cory, United States

I am impressed how from e peace of paper become a such interesting thing.
Evgeni Tanchev, Bulgaria

ORILAND, I wish I would you existed when I was a Kid. Oriland a true Dreamland. Full of magic with papers.
Sudhir Kunder, Saudi Arabia

What fun this is. I am delighted and enjoying this so much. Thank you.
Jana Winters, United States

I want to live in Oriland.
Oriland is the best country.
Serkan Gedik, Turkey

"Oriland", Why haven't I found YOU before!!!
Keep up your good job!!!
Daranee Maspakorn, Thailand

Wow !!!!!! simply amazing minds.
Jan Flieler, Canada

I think ORILAND is one of the coolest web sites. I loved the quest game. I hope there will be other games like that one. You have encouraged me to do origami. Thanks very much.
Axel Ainsley, New Zealand

Congratulations!!! It's a wonderfull work!!! I love the Oriland - The Dream Land.
Willians Lopes, Brazil

This magic kingdom lets everybody's minds fly along a beautifull dream called ORIGAMI, thanks to make this dream come true.
Juan Manuel Lima, Bolivia

I'm Very Happy!!!!!!!
Jocelyn Pang, Malaysia

I realy like Oriland. It's collorfull and full of activities. I can tell I'll be here daily.
Ashton Maloney, United States

Since origami is INTERNATIONAL,
Oriland has helped to make it seem UNIVERSAL ! Thank you.
Leon Brown, United States

Beautiful site! Just started to learn origami and this site encourages me even more! Well done.
Jean Spires, United States

What a great world of origami, i love it! It made me feel i'm in the fantasy world, good job!
Gilely Santiago, Philippiness

I really liked this site everything was so beautiful the colors were so magical it was like going into a world a dreams the origami projects were wonderful i know when school starts mines friends will be jeaulous of the talents i learned from here but soon they'll all be here thanks for the help.
Kris Cole, United States

I go on Oriland for part of my homeschooling work and it is so fun. I sent one of your greeting cards to my stepmother who is homeschooling me and it was so cute! I sent one to my best friend too.
Corinna, United States

A feast for the eyes and imagination! What a quest, kudos to the artists!!!!
Shawnee Glenn, United States

Wow! this website is just too great! I mean, its the only good site on the internet featuring origami! I love all the cities! Great job Yuri & Katrin!! Keep it up!!
Niky Chokshi, Tanzania

I'm dazzled, it's more than wonderful, I don't know what to say,except: this magical site is like THE RAINBOW'S COLORS WHICH COLOR MY SKY TO CREATE A FANTASTIC PICTURE,THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR ALL.
Rawana Nadir, Jordan

What a beautiful site! I love the flowers. I am going to order your book right away! Your creations are beyond belief!!!
Penny Wood, United States

I would just like to say a "Big Thank You, to all those you are involved with this site. The diagrams are easy to follow and within minutes I completed an 'Origami' models. Keep up this fine work. Many thanks again.....
Mohammed Fiaz, United Kingdom

I Loooove your website!!There is so many cool origami creations that I've never even heard of and I LOVE them all, But the snail is my favorite!!! Thanks for creating this website!!!
China Hepburn, United States

Fantastic! I hope you would add even more variety of 3-D, decorative folds to your site. I will be paying many more visits in the future - Origami is such a great art form!
Vincci Lau, United Kingdom

And I think to myself... what a wonderful world! Thank you, Yuri and Katrin! Your insight into how origami helps further children's development is fascinating, and I don't doubt it helps us adults to further ours, as well! As a scientist (I study the weather), I often find that stress is rather inherent. Your site is an excellent lunchtime diversion and also a good place to get lost in at the end of the day. They say that inside every technical mind (scientists and mathematicians, basically) there lies a repressed artist of some sort. Origami is one of the quintessential symbioses of mathematics and beauty (with music, in my opinion, being the other major one). Thanks for your insight, and keep up the astounding work! PS: I love your Make-Your-Own OriCity section!
Heather (CyberHez), United States

Dear Katrin and Yuri!
Thank you very much for your generous sharing!
I liked your beautiful site and would like to know more about your research.
Thank you,
Olga Plutsker, Israel

This is the dream website for me........this is the best site to learn and entertain.....it is very beautifully designed!
Imrana Salam, Pakistan

I love origami and I love oriland!
Kimi Quach, United States

This site is great but i wish you would have diagrams on the catupult.
Phil Y, United States

I think this web site is really groovy i have only made 5 things of it but i would like to be on here 24/7. My mum said wow when i done some of the things in here!
Kimmy Jobey, Australia

Wow ! I finaly got to see Oriland in Charlotte. It was fantastic. I love the CD's and cant wait for the Oriland castles CD. It was a real pleasure meeting both of you and i would love to see Oriland in Australia some time.
Darren Scott, Australia

Great! Thanks! It is very useful to prepare impressive things for Xmas and not only. To me it's also like going home a bit, because my name has been shortned to Ori.
Greetings. Orietta.
Orietta L'abbate, Italy

The site is fabulous. I find it hard to actually make anything :(
I wish I could make that dove, *sigh*...anyway, the site is great, good stuff.
Lindsay Rittenhouse, Canada

Oriland is a very nice place where children can play i love Oriland
Ummamah Aamer, Pakistan

I am an Origami enthusiast and this is a lovely website - thank you so much! :)
Chrystyna Marino, United States

I had to do a project on origami for Geography and I used this website for most of my information and a lot of my diagrams. I would like to give you a huge thansk as I got an A for it.
Charlotte Hutton, United Kingdom

Im 13!
I love this site! It's awesome!
Mel L, Canada

Ashley H, United States

I was looking for a good site to learn some new origami diagrams and found this one! But it has much more than simple diagrams, it's fantastic!!!! I loved it, is so cute and creative!!!! Congratulations for this great work!!!!
Barbara Moreira, Brazil

Wow, this is real magic! I...I... I'm speechless!
Sofie Andersson, Sweden

The best origami webside there is in the world!!!!! Educational, inspirational and fun to navagate through!!!
La mejor pagina de Origami que hay en todo el mundo, increiblemente bonita y educativa, FELICIDADES y gracias por compartir su conocimiento con el mundo en general.
Ana Cecilia Mendez de Cousins, Iceland

It was fascinating and wonderfully fulfilling to see such a creation. It was soul satisfying because each piece was a work of art in color, space and beauty. I was thrilled to spend time in Oriland during the Origami Festival in Charlotte! Although each and every scene was a treat, I must admit that seeing the castles and the Ferris Wheel scenes as particularly interesting. Let me add the St. Basil Cathedral to this as well. Having said that, probably the most mind boggling was the sensitive creativity of all the Oriland creatures. GENIUS AT WORK is the only way to describe this incredible display. As if all that were not enough, the Oribana was beautiful to behold, as well. One of the most simple creations, the rose with a few simple folds was just breathtaking in the peach-colored paper. Hooray for the art and magic of Oriland!!! Many Thanks. It was and is a FEAST FOR THE EYES AND THE HEART! I am convinced that if Oriland doesn't open the hearts of people, NOTHING WILL! Keep up the good work; it is a wonderful gift to the world!!!
Yvonne Klancko, United States

Maria Naim, Germany

When I visit Oriland the time runs so qick. I love to visit this site it is a good therapy for the stress.There is always someting new.
Thank you.
Fatima Granadeiro, Portugal

Hello, I'am not a big fan of origami but when I saw this Homepage I realize how wonderful this new world is! However am making a site featuring a wide range of topics and have decide that origami be one of it, I don't have a good source of Origami knowledge so Can I link your page to my page and ca I use some of the pictures in some of the pages to be linked back to you? This is a kiddie community website at www.matmice.com/home/cmwc
Angelicum Oda, Philippines

i totally loved it!
it's the best site of origami that i've seen, it's really nice to visit you and the diagrams are awsome, but i wanted to ask you please to offer a translation in spanish, sometimes it's really hard to follow some steps and if they where on my own language it will be so much easy for me, thanks a lot!
Isabel Patino Alvarez, Colombia

I am doing a report for school about origami and this website has helped me the most our of all of them.
Becky Waid, United States

Hello there! so far this is the second best designed website in existence! the first one will be www.lissaexplains.com but to date this is the most comprhent of a chosen topic and it is to my great delight to buy some of the products in the future, Your site is visibly taken care to and mantained well. So far the most inteligently written website! thanks for bringing this whole new world of ORIGAMI may Gos continiuosly bless this site and it's makers
Manet Crisostomo, Philippines

I have seen your website which is very nice to see and give pleasure to we people we just wana to keep impression on this site.
Adeel Ahmed, Pakistan

Hi this is Sameera.
It's really fantastic.
I must say it's a cool site!!!!!!
Keep up the good work.
Sameera Haya, Pakistan

I never knew about this wonderful site! And as I love fun, colourful and imaginary world like this...I am highly impressed by this site. I have not explored this site completely, just a bit. So I better go and do so! Thank you.
Fatima Effendi, Pakistan

I don't have words to say or appreciate oriland its its just....
Ghada Liaqat, Pakistan

It is quite fascinating and interesting site. Your site is full of fun, fascination, skill and innovation. With so little efforts and in very short time your website teaches some of the very important aspects of human intelligence. IT is really worth coming again and again.
Roofi Samo, Pakistan

It is really a wonderful site.
I really like it and it was a good thing to learn.
That's all.
Nareesha Rathi, Pakistan

It has all what I was looking for. And its way of teaching is very good.
Sabahat Iqbal, Pakistan

Marvellous......I think its very difficult to express my feelings about this site. I was crazy to learn origami but this site has solved my problem.....thanx a lot
Atiya Jabeen, Pakistan


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