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Write your own impressions about Oriland and read impressions of other travellers who came to Oriland from 80 countries!

Do you like Oriland? Write your Impression!

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Everything here is fantastic !
Congratulations for the talent.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Valeria Freitas, Brazil

This is a kool site!
Shelby Norton, United States

I think that this site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
John Goings, United States

Thanks for creating the best site in the world thanks tata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandy Swinson, United States

I cant believe what I've found, it feels like i have been searching for gold for a couple of years, and couldn't find it, I have truly found one of the bestest websites in the world, ya'll are doing great keep up the work!!! God Bless...
Fred Peirce, United States

This is an excellent site! it's very rare to find something this creative and unique online. great job!
V Poon, Canada

I like the greetings cards!
Poppy Jennings , Australia

Your internet site is so cool!!!!! I really like your find the Jasmine and Gold Dragon hunt. My teacher told me about it and I thought that it would be stupid but it isn't. when I finally looked at the site I thought cool because it looked like there were so many things to do!. but after all your web site rocks!!!!!!!! peace out my oribrothers!
Chris Ruma, United States

Thank you for doing that this site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandy Swinson, United States

This site is amazing. Before I found this website there was no really cool websites about origami. But now Oriland rocks my world. It's so cool to find the lost diagrams in Foldingburg. Well gotta go!
Danny York, United States

This site rocks!
Craig Durham, United States

I think this is the hot spot for kids all ages. I know that you can`t write me back so just put this in your book so i can check it out one day i think that Oriland is cool and maybe it should stick around some another generation maybe so my my kids when i have some can get on it and play on it and look at the cool sites. Well i think you did a good job on this site well thank you for creating it may be when i have kids they will thank you to well thats when i have them well i got to go and send my message well hope you enjoy tata!!!!!
Brandy Swinson, United States

Congratulations on the most colourful and imaginative ori site on the Web. I hav ejust purchaced your CD Team Skeleton from the supplies at the recent British Origami Society spring Convention 2002 and it is a little gem. Well done. I will get the other two at the next meeting. Please keep up the good work. Kind regards.
Dave Venables, United Kingdom

I love Oriland. It have so many things that need to be discover. It has so many things that I couldn't even explore everything at once. Everything is so pretty, unique and colorful. Every place and city I go in Oriland is always colorful and have origami. I never seen this much origami directions in my whole life. Thank you to the creators to make this website. - Kelly Kha, Tues,April 16,2002, Oriland fan.
Kelly Kha, United States

I love your site. Too much to see and learn. I've been folding for 3 years and have never seen a site like this. Thanks for bringing this site closer to everyone who love paperfolding.
Susan Lasiter, United States

It's wonderful to visit this website!
Congratulations for your prize in Paris.
It's worthy of that prize and many more!
Thank you!
Elsa Marques, Portugal

Not impression - Delight! =)
Dmitry Serebryakov, Russian Federation

I think origami is a cool and clever thing. I have made lots of models and when I heard about this website I tried it and it is all very good except some are too complicated.
Thomas Leys, Germany

Great site. It's very wonderful and i have fun browsing Oriland.
Sofia Azyze, Malaysia

Gosh, everything is wonderful, magic, and visual food. I am enjoying finding all the little hidden clues, and instructions. This is like being a Kid all over again with the wonder of NEW DISCOVERIES, with each click of the button.. grin. thanks for sharing.
Collene Kalb, Australia

You have such beautiful origami designs! I cannot wait to try some of them!
Jennifer Cunningham, USA

Wonderful and amazing site!!! i am a ardent fan of origami and i am practising since five years, i stay in pune city in maharashtra. i am a member of origamimitra, founded by late smt. indutai tilak and mr. vishwas deval. oriland is such a inspiration of origamist.
Jayashree Honap, India

I never saw such a wonderful site!
My compliments!
Tineke van den Berg, Netherlands

This website is really great for all ages! Anybody can create beautiful models through easy instructions. Keep up the good work!
Laura Kelly, United Kingdom

I really love the website. It's brilliant for ideas and fun to do. I love trying the best ones.
Ciara Bailey, Zambia

Hi! I'm in Paris, also for the Child Net Awards (I'm with the Bubblycrew party) and I'm checking out all the websites. You're not in my category, so good luck! The website looks good, very colourful.
Jenny Noxon, United Kingdom

I love oragami and I think it`s fantastic I love your website more !!!
Jake Steinmann, Spain

This is a really cool site this is the frist time I've been on here but its really cool!
Lucy Peaper, United Kingdom

I'm 9 years old, so I know the benefits of origami. I love Oriland!!!!!!
Anne Walz, United States

I've found many great ideas for my work with children at school!
Irena Gazan, Croatia

I love your website, it's the coolest with the origami project maker. my mum showed me the website. She went on the origami thingymajig. I liked it! I am the weakest link good bye!
Jesse Pollard, Australia

Love Oriland!
Tehreem Mahmood, Pakistan

Oriland is the best site about origami for origami's lovers like me. It isn't a site only for children, but for adults that love a children that exist inside themselves, because we need sensibilily and to explore our emotions.
Congratulations Oriland!!!!!
Ana Pacheco, United States

I love Oriland!
Julie Duch, United States

I love origami. So naturally I love this site. It it the best site I have ever been to.
Joe Demonni, United States

Oriland, Oriland .....
the nice web in the world.....
Oriland, Oriland .....
that have a really great teacher.....
Oriland, Oriland .....
i will enter when i am only little.....
Oriland, Oriland .....
the best web i have enter.....
Low Ze Xian, Malaysia

I love this site it is cool.
John Goings, United States

Een geweldig leuke site.
A verry beatiful site.I love it.
Els Steggerda-Keijzer, Netherlands

Wow! I've never seen such a beautiful site as oriland!
My 4 year-old daughter is also fascinated with the site.
Viewing the browser, she now asks me loudly 'mom, fold that castle please!!'
---Oh my! I need a hard lesson!
My daughter recently learned how to fold an airplain. She has always some pieces of origami wherever she goes.
Ayumi S, Japan

It was a VERY GOOD website for us.
Suki Maru, Malaysia

This is cool!!!!
Amber Garner, United States

I've never been to Oriland before.But I do think that Oriland is beautiful. If I can go there,what a luck. I really hope I can go there.
Shahranee Shah Reza, Malaysia

Beautiful Fabulous Marvelous Imaginative Pretty & Wonderful...
This is the BEST web I have ever seen. Thank you.
Okihiro Yoneda, Tokyo, Japan

This is such a delightful site for kids and kids at heart - congratulations on your creativity and wonderful presentation. This is one of the most creative sites you'll find on the web. Even if you haven't yet become an origami enthusiast, you'd be hard pressed
not to start folding paper before you leave. This is a must see and
delightful educational and play site for all kids at heart!
Elizabeth Root, United States

It's excellent, I like very much, I wish you will have more things. Congratulations.
Alex Gil, Colombia

I love oragami know because my teacher had started me on. When we started to read a story about a foreign exchanged student who visits China. That is where i got started in oragami, by my teacher Mrs.Barnett.
Betty Tiger, United States

Beautiful site-I love the flowers in particular-.
Jan Tyler, United States

I like Oriland!
Krystal Carrey, Canada

I like this site because it is fun!
Ronald Moss, United States

My impression is like seeing a imagination world.
Jason Ho, Malaysia

I enjoy Oriland! Since I was small I love doing thigs when it comes to paper origami. Best of luck to Oriland.
Jeffrey Dizon, Philippines

When i first came 2 this site it was all so colourful it waz so fun to surf around.
Michael Ngo, Australia

I like it very much. It's very beautiful netpage. I want to buy some book about handmark, but I don't know what can I do. Can you help me? Thank you!
Phyllis Tang, China

I enjoy very much the site. I do Origami since 1986 but I only have internet few months ago. That's why I only see your site today.
Fatima Granadeiro, Portugal

My first impression was the colours and the details of the site and everything, very very nice and impressive. I used to go to other sites to look for origami stuff, but now i know where to go. It's ORILAND, my favourite.
Anh Vo, Vietnam

There is a whole world packed into this site! Awesome!
David Taylor, New Zealand

Its great i love origami.
Jonathan Sung, United Kingdom

I love it!! It is colourful and inspirational...
Vicki S, Australia

Rina Kabiljo, United States

This is superb site.
Sadia Karim, Pakistan

the best site ever!!!!!!!!
Laura Starling, New Zealand

I love this site! It is very fun and I like how there is a little world in the site. I want to get Oribana Delight.
L Cruz, United States

It's the best origami page I ever seen. :)
Crystal, Norway

This site is so cool...i had found it on my own not to mention my friend told me to look for some origami and i had found so many pages about it that were boring and this site was the best.
Amanda H., United States

I love this site. I didn't know you can make so much beautiful things with just paper.
Vickie Z., United States

My friend gave me this web ....
I loved it.
Amanda James, Malaysia

Oriland is cool because it shows you how to make the best origami in the world.
Sara Morris, Canada

This is the coolest and most wonderful website i have ever seen, kudos.
Min Patel, United Kingdom

Woooooooooowwwwwww..........this is really a wonderful site. Also it is very useful for anyone who wants to create something.
Zaara Shah, Pakistan

Wow!! This is a very good website!!!! Keep up the great work.
Fred Junkin, United States


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