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Write your own impressions about Oriland and read impressions of other travellers who came to Oriland from 80 countries!

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It is a fantastic site!
Silvia, Germany

I've learned my new things in Oriland. It is a wonderful site.
Kairesh Jevan, Malaysia

This is my favorite origami site. It is the best by far.
Minh Nguyen, United States

ORILAND... donde te habias metido el resto de mi vida?
Juancarlos londono, Colombia

Arnold Martey, Ghana

Oh I love this land, I wish I can be a dweller. Since my first journey I know this is my home. I live in Alaska and the treasures what I found in Oriland became a teasure to many Alaskans.
Happy New Year and God bless the people who are working on this site for the pleasure of many children and child hearted adults.

Csenge Toth, United States

Good luck & happy new years. Please progress this useful site with more different information & picture. Truly yours, one Dad.
Jalil Hassannia, Azerbaijan

Cool site for sending cute cards.
Kevin, New Zealand

Exelente el material de trabajo.
Zaida, Chile

Merry christmas, Oriland.
Good luck.

Behzad, Iran

This is THE most beautiful site. The second I saw it I looked for a contact link to tell you how impressed I am. Your creations are stunning. WOW!!!! Thank you!
Tamsyn Wilson, Canada

Very sophisticated yet lovely origamis. I made some flowers using the diagrams-really beautiful!
Fei Wu, United States

Never have I visited a website with such wonderful creations. There are many tutorials where I am not able to find. Your site is creative and full of colours. You deserve to be number one!
Linda Duong, Canada

I looooooooooooooooove this web site! Even too most of the stuff is really hard, it still looks really cool! I gonna luv this we site 4ever!
Connie Huang, United States

Liana Thalith, Malaysia

Wow this site totally kicks arse! I love it lots... and my Oriland City is the best better than all the rest! Oh yea! GO ORILAND!!!
Holly K, New Zealand

I think it's really cute. I would never be able to build it. Thank you for this wonderful site I really enjoyed it. It's a sophisticated art with a sense of childhood pleasures. You all did a really great job!!
Jessica Atkinson, United States

I think this site is awesome. I'm learning Origami right now. I'm not that good at it, but I take this site as my teaching. Well done!
Ami A. Diablos, Canada

I like this site...
So soft colors!!! Well done!
Marco Cantarelli, Italy

It is great!!!
I feel like child :)
My children look together with me and are happy.
Vilnis Dzenis, Latvia

It's very nice to have fun in Oriland. I use most of my free time in paper folding. All I can say is Ohh yeah gotta have fun!!!!!
Mark Philipp Mecias, Philippines

I like Oriland. It is fun and colorful.
Kimberly Robinson, United States

I just have one word for this site,"W0W!".
Michael V, United States

Dear Oriland,
this was the first time I visited your site and I absoloutly love it. I really love origami it is so amazing what you can do with just a single piece of paper Thanks and keep up the good work.
Georgia Bergers, Australia

Oriland is the only site on the net like it! It is really detailed and impressive. The graphics/pitures are really cool. Thanks!
Ashlee Scholefield, New Zealand

Dear friends!
Your site is wonderful.
I'm a teacher. My students study web-design.
We like your site very much! Good luck!
Vera Nikolaeva, Russia

I enjoy your website, but could you email to how to fold a paper to a rose as soon as possible. Thank you, keep up the good work!!! :):):)
Trang Nguyen, United States

Oh My God
Oriland Rules
I Looooooooooooooooove it
Origami is cool
Origami rocks
Emily A, United States

I would like to explore more about the Oriland site. Since I think it's one of the best and fabulous site.
Jayashree Honap, India

Hey guy's this is one of the best website on the net for origami keep up the good work and i enjoy doing the models you'll put up. They are really cool!!!
Nikhil Chitloor, India

I love this site! Must be a lot of work & thoughts put in it. It certainly brightens my day up after browsing through this site! Good diagrams, just wonderful! Thank you!
Corrie Kwan, Canada

It's wonderful....I have no words to appreciate this wonderful site....
I take so many time seeing this nice art. Congratulations.
Regina Drummond, Brazil

Oriland is great! I'm amazed at what can be created with so little paper! Oriland is an amazing insight into the world of origami!
Kirsten McConchie, New Zealand

I think that Oriland is great. I tried some of the origami. It's very neat. I also sent a postcard to my friend. Everyone should know about this site.
Brittany Mkelvie, United States

This site is GREAT!! I've never done much origami and Oriland set out the instructions very clearly. Thanx Oriland!!
Sharon, Australia

It's the best origami site ever! I was doing origami ever since I was young and I say this is great! I even learned how to have fun with my younger brother!
Katrina Valdes, Philippines

Your page is the best. I'd like to fold any thing of them.
Sergio, Spain

This is a great site. Easy to follow instructions for children and adults. Keep up good work.
Linda Seguin, Canada

Oribana CD is wonderful! even a novice can follow instructions and fold beautiful works. Much pleasure and many hours of fun!
Thank you all.
Joel Hutton, United States

Sammy, Australia

I LUV THIS SITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olga Torgovnikova, Russian Federation

I just got into origami and I am so glad I found this website! It's just what I needed
Tracy Robinson, United States

I think that origami is the cutest site ever! How the creators came up with such bright imaginative ideas, I wouldn't know! But this truly is a magical site!:)
Danielle Servant, New Zealand

Absolutely wonderful. I can spend hours playing and trying new folds from your web page. You are amazing!
Yolanda Abolacia, Ireland

I love the origami and I love Oriland, Yuri and Katrin Shumakov you are magic. I wanna pay your diagrams and books. I love art.
Edgar Ramos, Spain

I love Oriland!
Erika Rios, United States

Oriland is just amazing. You people made a mind glowing website. Its really very different and interesting.
Karriena Khan, Pakistan

Hi! I was so happy that I did not expect that the Origami will be available on the internet. it was so extraordinary and unique. Definitely a useful site for all ages. Thank You ORILAND=)
Earl Stephen Lim, Philippines

I really like this site! But, could you diagram the sofa, table, chairs, desk, stool and lips? They look very neat, and I can't figure them out! ps I love the colors and the cities.
Cheryl Lunsford, United States

Oriland is so cool. I've never seen such a cool looking place! You guys really did a great job!!!!!!! Bye
Amy Johnson, United States

WOW WOW WOW what a amazing site such wonderfull designs thank you for turning a odd thing to do into a on going passion.
Robert Wight, United Kingdom

Oriland is a fun place for bored kids. It gives them something to do. it's fun, easy and definetley not messy!
Allison L., United States

I just love origami, its my passion I simply love this Oriland site beyond any words. I would love to explore this site for hours and hours. The most sad part is that I cannot succeed to find the slipper diagram. Please help. Bye.
Jayashree Honap, India

Wow!!!! My son and I have been reading and trying some basic origami projects and we came upon your web site and we were just in awe of the beautiful things you have created! We have book marked your site and will definitely come back time and time again. Thank you for such a beautiful visit!!!
Rita Thomas, United States

It's beautiful just like the origami models you have.
A great and beautiful site.
Ann, Sweden

Believe me or not I have passion for origami since my childhood but due to lack of resources I could not do find much on it. Then Internet came and I found this site. Now I have completely satisfied my self and my inner flux for the Origami. Thanks to origami sites especially Oriland. But that Thanks to my parents who has given me an oppoutunity to surf the net for the very purpose.
Ghazi Azmat Khan, Pakistan

a bientot pour de nouveaux pliages!!
Ewa M, France

I found this site the best. I explore something new and interesting everyday on it. Are there some more sites like this available? Thanks a lot for such an interesting site for children.
Hira Kayani, Pakistan

I love Oriland! I was searching for projects for my daughter for an upcoming art fair. Your site has been an inspiration!
Barbara Abadie, United States

It's taking "a while" to find these scrools, because my computer is REALLY slow. I think the gold dragon, jasmine and magic slipper should be already unlocked.
But the site is great anyway!
Tiago Benevides, Brazil

I think this website is great. And I was wondering if you will put more pictures on here in origami studio? If so please write back to me or insert them now. I am going to start playing the game now.
Thank you.
Frank Turner, United States

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