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ORILAND IS KOOL!!!!! your golden dragon is too hard so I made up my own :)
it's just a flapping crane with a few modifications.

Andrew, Canada

It is a really good web page to learn how to do origami ... i learned a lot.
Angel, Canada

WOW!!!!!! This is an amazing site!!!! The diagrams are neat, the flash it presented in a good clean manner...basically, THIS SITE ROCKS!!!! I just got "Origami Chic" and it is amazing!!! Now if only I could get enough patience to fold a rucksack....
Takeo, USA

Me encantó su página es buenisima, he aprendido mucho me gustaría que fuera en español para no tener que usar el traductor... gracias por las figuras y por el esfuerzo de tener una página tan buena saludos desde Colombia.. besos
Adriana Molano, Colombia

im a kid and i like your site but some things are hard to make! :(

Wahey! What a cool page we `ave here! Coloured pics and diagrams what more do we need. Just a question, can anyone teach me how to fold a one piece origami bulldozer?
Gary, Australia

Hele leuke site. Ik ben gek op werken met papier. Heeft U ook modellen van origami-architectuur?? Hoewel ik ook graag vouw, kortom alles wat met papier gedaan kan worden. Succes gewenst
E.J.Homborg, Nederland

I think that Oriland is great thays to my sister I know about this site I love origami I wish I can fold origami all the time execpt at Sunday but I have to go to school!
Lois, Australia

~****!!!!!!!ORILAND ROX!!!!!!!****~
!!!I luv doing origami, I found this site inn the Girlfriend mag ( don't get any ideas all u Girlfriend fans out there, I don't like Girlfriend AT ALL, I like Dolly, maybe u shoud try it sum time!) any way, ure sight ROX! maybe u could get like a whole lot of cool beginers stuff 4 people that aren't very good at origami (like myself!)
Xan, New Zealand

Hi I love doing origami! I also love this site!!!
Danielle, U.S.A

I like playing this program!!! It was really fun when I found all the secret Rhymes!!! I think this website is wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole, Australia

It is cute n all but, it would sute the ages under 5!
Sophie, Australia

ORILAND is very good!!! I like it very much!!! I like ORIVILLE is very good. FOLDINGBURG is also very good. SAN-ELF is very funny. LA MAGIC is very intresting. You have created ORILAND very well YURII and KATRIN SHUMAKOV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laura Rebecca Viirtelä, Finland

ORILAND IS THE BOMB BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IA SO COOL I LOVE TO COME TO THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joey, USA

Great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like it, & would like to be closer to it ;)p
Valeria, Bulgaria

Great Site!

Hey guys cool site I got it outta my girlfriend mag like all the aussies in here... more diagrams! more shapes! and i love the cinderella shoes! cya xo
Laura, New Zealand

I LOVE Oriland. Because I LOVE all the Origami. ORILAND ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica M, Australia

I would have given 5 hearts because i like the creatisim but i found all the diagrams i type them done but thwy wont open somethings wrong maybe im typing it wrong help!
Maribelle, USA

I found out about this site accidently and I love it, it's great. My friend Dorel, here, sitting next to me says that ORIGAMI is a great hobby.I also think so. I even have a very big collection of origami works made by my own hands. You are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silviu, Moldova

I was flicking through girlfriend mag and this is a really good site plus i love japanese origami love the site.
Elisabeth, Australia

Oriland is a great site, i got to know about it through GIRLFRIEND
Jess, Australia

This site is really cool. If you wanna make oragami this is the best site to go to! Although I like this site I don't get how to get the scrolls in the Oriland game! Perhaps someday I will.
Samantha, United States

Thanks for your pretty site.
Mitra, Iran

Your site is very interesting.
But is you had models more usable for bigger age groupes, like making usable equipments for desktop or use in the kitchen, that would be wonderful.

Mojgan, Iran

This site is really amazing! I just love all of these original and creative models, and the way the site is put together really works well. I had a great time, and I plan to come back often!
Jonathan, United States

Wow... this web site is awesome. I really like it. The origamies are nice, and so were the design of the web site. But it will be much-much better if the instruction could be clearer. Thanx.
Santo, Indonesia

I got to admit that this site is very informative and educational.
Nikolina Kovsehlhevic, Slovenia

This site is wonderful! The use of color and animation makes this site very enjoyable and welcoming. The diagrams are simple follow - this is one I will certainly add to my favorites!
Kimmarie Barrett, United States

Interesting and wonderful.
Shery Ny, Iran

Congratulations! This website is very good, I have loved origami for about five years, and found Oriland, very nice.
Ramon Jimenez, Mexico

Wow!! Oriland rules It is so fun. I really like. This site rules.
Katie, USA

I really like Oriland.
I can not see why anyone could not like it. It is fun sending Greeting cards.
I really like this site.
Emma, USA

WOW!! I absolutely love Oriland. It is so cool. I like the way everything is made of origami. I like the way you can fly from town to town and see all the people that live in that area. I also like the way everyone talks when you put your arrow on them and they have something new to say the next time you put you arrow on them. I also like the way the statues have descriptions that appear when you put you arrow on them. I also really like how you can learn to make flowers, animals, decorations, office items, and more. This site RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emily, USA

What a delight. I enjoyed your site so very much. The colors are lovely and the diagrams easy to understand. A definite keeper to bookmark. I will certainly come again. Many thanks for the cute card I sent. Colleen
Colleen Fry, USA

I liked it. i could actually understand it and i could have made stuff better if i wasn't in seminar at school! :)
Randi Mae Clayton, USA

I like it very very much :)
I would like to have more options for making things in Origami.
Un abrazo desde Colombia !!!!!
Liliana, Colombia

We love this programme so much! Love ya, bye!
Martha and Norma, Australia

It is cute n all but, it would sute the ages under 5!
Sophie, Australia

Oriland is a very cute website for children.
Esha, India

Hi there!
This is a VERY cute website! Pleasing to the eye and colorful graphics. Nice layout and design. Keep up the excellent work. This site will be sure to be on my bookmarks! You can assure I'll be back to see the great changes. This site is very beautiful. Keep it that way!!
Outstanding Work,
Jessica D.(^_^), USA

Wow! this is such a cool site! i love it!
Niky, Tanzania

Fantastic...Keep up the good work!! :)
Jannatun Nida, Malaysia

Wow guys - this has really helped me out with a college project - really cleaver xx.
Kat, England

So awesome yall need some new diagrams not to be mean but i want somethin new.
Stephen, USA

It's so *cute*

Please keep showing all world about the beautiful inside origami practice.
Jorge Mathieu, Costa Rica

Easy set out, good diagrams and good directions as to how to fold origami models, but some are impossible to fold!
Glorya, Australia

Dearest Yurii & Katrin, It's always amazing a visit to Oriland, well done!
Claudia Valentini, Italy

I love origami cuz i feel it's important to keep the thousands of others
Swadhi, India


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