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This one of the only sites that I can enjoy with my 8 year old son Frankie
Trisha, USA

Oriland is way cool.
Karmin M, Qeensland

I love Oriland! It's one of the most entertaining and complete sites I've ever visited!
Michael J., USA

Thank you for sharing such a rich ideas...!
Daniel & Lydia Kurnia, Indonesia

This sight is fantastic, everyone who comes here must love it, its great, keep up the good work.
Bonnie Langtree, Australia

it's great
i like the cities and lands
but over all i like creating the oragami
Delilah, Australia

Good Site, But you need to add more origami, like the other 4 pointed star using 2 sheets of 8x11 paper. lata hata's!
Samantha Thomps, USA

I luv Oriland I've been on heaps of websites and this is the best one I've been on so far! And I've got to stop reading the Girlfriend mags and going on your website more often! Luv, Brooke.
Brooke Treherne, Australia

I really like origami and I had to do a demo speech and that's what I chose to do. I looked up origami on yahoo and I found you guys. This site has easy to follow directions and pictures on how to make origami things. It is a very useful site. Thanks again!
Mari Jo, USA

I really love this place, I didn't know how to do much origami until I found this place today. I am going to pass the word around at my school! :)
Michelle, USA

It's a cool site. I am lucky that I fount this site and hence get addicted to practice Origami.
Jaita Mallick, India

I found this site and it's fantastic. I will tell my japanese teacher about it. Keep up the good work.
Antoinette, Australia

I like this place very much.
Anneloes, the Nederlands

It's so Cooooool!...how come I did not know about this place....I will spread a word around......about here....^^
Dave Won, USA

I love Oriland i love all their origami Iam a fan of paper folding
April Beltran, USA

Well I really like Oriland but I am not that good at folding and I wish it had more for begginers but I cant wait to get good so I can give Oriland 5 hearts!
Ryan, United States

I love this place. I know how to make origami really well but i just didn't know that u could make those many more designs.
Sara, Australia

This site rocks i just wish i could make it. Ohh well i had fun trying.
Cat, Australia

This is a FANTASTIC SITE!! I absolutely love it! I'll be comin back more often!
Siona, Australia!

Konnichi wa.....Wow, what a site, I love it, and will be coming back often.
Thelma, Australia

This totally rocks..........the origami is so kool thanx.
Kells, oz

Oriland is a great site, and I will be comming back for more origami. Oriland is a very interesting place.
Jennifer, Australia

Wow! I had no idea you could do so much with origami! It looks like a lot of work went into Oriland, and it's really entertaining. I thought the e-cards were cool, too!
Holly, USA

This is a KOOL site with all those cute colourful pictures. i really enjoyed it and had fun folding the origami. all my friends are now going to this site!!!
Diem, Australia

I loved this site which i got out a The Girlfriend magazine
keep up the good work.
Angie, Australia

Oriland is great! I luv making origami although i often get confused! I minused 1 star because i find it hard to look at the pictures and read the instructions at the same time because the are so far apart. But apart from that....i'll definatly be comeing back! Thanks Oriland!
Tiffany, Australia

I love this page. its a fantasy world for me. i lose track of time whenever i visit this page. Thank you! I LOVE O-R-I-G-A-M-I!!!!!!!!!
John, Philippines

Oriland is very cool.
But I am struggling with some of the practical lessons.
Hiya, Australia

I like your site but I don't know how to type in the secret diagram once I find all of the scrolls (which I did).
MIke Guenette, USA

I think this website is great I can't wait to start making Christmas presents with origami:)
Grace, USA

Sri, USA

Great, great and great again!!!!!!
Im can´t english so good!
Annika B, Germany

This website is incredible, and obviously had a lot of hard work put into it. I did a demonstration on origami as part of my college speech class, and your site was able to help me greatly. I got an "A" on the speech, and I will be referring to your website in the future, because it is so fun to try new folds. Thank you so much for this site!
Laura Hoffelt, USA

I loved the directions you gave on how to make the different shapes. I think maybe you could add or make more visible if you already have one, A little something that tells about the history of Origami.
Takes, USA

Cool site!!! but i wish id get that gold dragon diagram and jasmine in a jiffy
Weedy, Philippines

I luv origami
And ur site iz really kool
Its handy 4 making fings 4 pressies
Nikki, New Zealand

I love Oriland!!!
I was looking for origami sites and I seen this one. I've been on it all DAY!!
It's BRILL!!
Gemma, United Kingdom

This site is so cool.
i probably wont be able to make half the stuff, though its worth a try. :)
Mattie, New Zealand

I love visiting your website. I first found it in a mag! It's sooooo fun and entertaining!
Alicia, Australia

This is a really cool place
i could stay here for ages
Anna, New Zealand

This site is sooooooo cute!!!! Its very sweet, and im gonna make some awesome stuff for my friendz! Awwwww I think im just a big kid at heart!!!!!!
Kimba, New Zealand

This origami site is really cool and it has really good easy to read diagrams.
Ashleigh, New Zealand

This is a really cool site. Some of the makes are a bit hard, but the challenge is fun and I get a great sense of achievement out of it. A really well designed site!
Belinda, UK

Hello, my frend reccomended this site and i think it is really cool and i like the pictures, except can u get simple ones too!!!!! ok baiz
Cj, Australia

I think this is a great site. I love making origami and this just adds to the excitement.
Even the Girlfriend magazine had you in their web reviews for the October 2001 issue so this site must be GOOD!!!
Keep up the GREAT WORK ORILAND. Keep making more for me and my class members to do!!!!!!!
Chloe, Australia

It has cool origami, but i think Oriland should put in more simple designs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didnt play the game
Jessica, Manitoba, Canada

I love how your diagrams are clear and easy to understand. I wondered if you could add a rose to your plant diagrams. Thanks!
Roshaya, Canada

I love Oriland! I've been visiting your site for several years now and I always enjoy trying the different projects you have. It's very informative and so much fun! Thanks for a wonderful and beautiful website!
Blanche Halvorsen, USA

Oriland is the best but some of the things are really hard.
Sarah, New Zealand

Its okay, but I think that the steps should be easier to follow while looking up these origami crafts!!!
Sabrina, USA

I like origami except i think that this site should have a chatroom where you talk to someone and they tell u how to fold the paper instead of you reading it.
Gabriella L.

Oriland make me imagine about some place that peace, beautiful and finest. Sometimes I dream to become a part of Oriland.
Endahpuspa, Indonesia

I love Oriland
i think you should have chat rooms though
can someone email me for a pen pal.
Manja, PNG

Wow!! i luv origami... but i can never do them... this is such a helpful site! thanks!
Meggie, Australia

Oriland is a great site, and I will be comming back for more origami. Oriland is a very interesting place.
Jennifer, Australia

Thanks you a lot for your site. Really really helpfull for my project!
Than Htay Oo, USA

This is 1 cool site i wasn't good at this stuff before, i heard about this sight in girlfriend
Tara, Australia

This is 1 of the best sites i`ve ever been in. it is way cool, but some of the things are 2 hard but thats ok.
Hayley, Australia

I love this website it is sooooooooo good, i love origami, i take japanese at school and have always wondered how to make thing. when we learn them i forget how to make them but now i can have them on the internet.
Marise, New Zealand

Some of the diagrams are hard to follow but this site is AWESOME!!!! I used this sight to make my boyfriend, mark something (luv you!) and i got some good ideas. THANX
Shannon P, USA


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