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Your site is truly out of this world. There are not enough hours in the day to see it all. Thanks for being so generous with your diagrams.
May the folds be with you.
Alice Bellagh, USA

Maybe you're not going to believe me, I never sign on the guestbooks but I think that your work must be recognized, this is the best web i have ever seen, I'm one of your biggest fans now, I really hope you write me back. Thanks, Gil.
Gilberto C. Ruiz Glez, Mexico

I like this site very much. Me and my mom enjoy it together.
Curtis Allen Ward, USA

Your Web site is amazing it is alot better than most web sites but where are the diagrams ??!!!
Keshia, USA

So cool this web site, but where are the diagrams???, in a CD or paid-printable???. Please no more Macromedia Flash presentations are slow. I'd like more quests, I were here for a year ago and there are the same,a dragon and a flower.
Tarin, Colombia

Lindy, Netherlands

I like the diagrams!! It's so COOL.
Nyoka, Netherlands

loverdiek, Netherlands

I think that Oriland has the great origami it's amazing and so cool.
Mari, USA

This site is soooo cool it's amazing how you people know so much about oragami!
Lindsay, Canada

I love Oriland very much.
Mike, USA

Hi! ur the best there is! no one could be better than Oriland... your diagrams are so cool! take care, bye!
Tareq, United Arab Emirates

Hi! I really, really LOVE Oriland! It's SO cool with the diagrams and stuff.
Adrianna, USA

The best origami site I have ever seen! I love the creativeness!
Selena, Canada

Amazing website.
Frankly, the most aesthetically pleasing I've seen. The colors are just splendid, AND the information is relevant.
One site to bookmark and visit often.

Ino, Canada

I love origami so I would also like ORILAND!!!!!!!!
Jen, USA

Me encantó Oriland.com. Me encantaría poder hacer muchas de las figuras que se encuentran en la página. En especial me gutaría poder hacer el globo.
Lymari Aguirre Negrón, Puerto Rico

Oh, I've never seen such a cute and sweet site about origami like this before. I feel like I am traveling through a wonderful and amazing world!
Nana, Thailand

My gosh, this is the most lovely and sweet site I've ever seen! Thanks for being, and improving my mood immidiately. :o))))) You're doing a great job!
Tania, Latvia

This is the number one most wierdest (in a good way) place! Colorful and creative, I never seen origami in such kiddy perspective. This is one website that really different from others. I'm sure I'll always remember this place!

I REALLY REALLY LOVE this site! This is the best website I've ever been to, and I really am glad the I got an Honorable Mentions thingy! :)
Adrianna Oh, USA

Just amazing! The whole site looks so good! I love the way you did it. I wish there were even more different figures to make from paper.
Very, very good work. Keep on! ;)
Olga, Latvia

I think this site is great! I was amazed when i found it. I hope there will be more stuff in the future.
Anonymous, Singapore

It's my first time here.... I am really very impressed.
wow.. i got to buy tons of paper now...
Lek, Thailand

Oh man..i am sooo jealous of all the pretty little things here!
:P it's a real cool site! I love it!
Felicia, Singapore

I love this site very much.
Alwin, Indonesia

This site is soooo beautiful!!!
Nick, USA

Super!!! I like these little towns and people!
Diana, UK

I don't like Oriland. I LOVE it! It's so bright and creative. Besides, I love origami!
Ashley Iwertz, USA

Very beautiful! Love the diagrams. Would like to go on the quest to get the diagram of the golden dragon, but I'm not sure how to get the rhymes from the house & inhabitants.
Grace white, USA

I like the site really much but please more diagrams!!!!! thank you.(excuse me for my english but i'm only 11 and I live in The Netherlands)
Marieke, Netherlands

WOW! This is incredible! I have only seen the beginning and I cannot wait to continue - I'll have to tell my students about this site.
Kari, USA

I got Oriland website address off of a origami calendar, and man is it cool! I have new goals when it comes to creating complicated origami!
Ryann, USA

This page is gorgeous!!!
It's got beautiful colors and designs! Keep up the gre
at work, I'll definitely come back...
Nilka, Panama

I like it a lot. but i really want to know how to make a camera.
Meshell, USA

I totally love your site. Its an excellent site for both novices and experts. Kudos! I have been doing origami for about 15 years now, I started with the classic crane and am learning everyday. I find that origami is meditation for me. Keep of the good work, and I will be looking on your site often.
Reila, USA

I love origami, and I think this is a great way to learn how to do certain things, whether u r a pro or a beginner!!
Renée, Canada

I like origami and every thing but how could i get my directions for doing the dragon without joining the group?
Rayssa, USA

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
I have researched the Web for Origami and this is the best site that I have found.
Keep up with the excellent work!!!!
Aleida Y. Campos, USA

Best web-site I have seen yet. My daughter and I have just started with Origami with I book I ordered from Scholastic Books, and I have been looking for more things to do on line.
Two thumbs up.
Leslie Davis, USA

I love this site. I have been looking for origami flowers for my wedding and now I can have the flowers I want!!!!!
Beth, US

I like origami, but I love oriland. :-)

I love your cd's
David Baker

I want to tell u that because of this site i'm addicted to origami now!!! it's your fault!
i have a request for u - for weeks im looking for rabbit model and i can't find it. do u have one? can u publish it on net? i would really presiate if u do. i have a white rabbit, his name is Wailo, and i'm crazy about him. i'd like to be able to fold something that will remind me of him when i'm away...
LionAlx, Israel

Your site is so nice!
you should include origamic
arquitecture, kusudama and origami-do.
Andy, Argentina

This place is very nice!! But maybe you can make the words a little easier because I'm not that smart!!
Ryouko Masaki

This place is great!! But it is hard to follow...
Kiyana, Yander Land

IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liam Doyle, Australia

It's very interesting site with many models for beginners and connoiseurs. I'm glad to know that there are some of Russian people who can compete with Japanese or English folders. But many origami fans can't fold most of complex models because of theirs' high price. So if there were more complex origami for free download, it would be much better...
Ivan, Russia

I'm very impressed, would like to learn, but is quite difficult for me to follow.. good job
Umasram, USA

Finally a place where paper comes alive. I liked being a scout in Oriland and talking to the people.

Make more diagrams
Pablo Nicolás González Rodríguez, Mexico

Great site you have here, the layout is nice and navigation is easy and clear. Just hope to see more forms of origami ^_^ Thumbs up!
hAo, Singapore

It's such a great website i'm glad i have been on it now.
Good on ya for making this website it's great.

Stacey, UK

Wow!! I had so much fun being a scout!
Michelle, USA


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